Soon after reading these seven methods you can also become a monthly income of one hundred thousand yuan time nouveau riche is the world’s most fair thing, 24 hours every day each of us has the same. After work, we all have the same four hours, but at the same time, it makes a different life. After four hours, you open takeout lunch boxes, eating dinner, chat with WeChat, then a meal an hour, until the rice cold away, only to find a point to eat dinner. After a meal, brush micro-blog, see Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong this one hundred million property how to divide, divorce is not what new progress; about the Arale Dong anthomaniac vigorously and the height difference between the most adorable…… Unconsciously, the clock points to twelve points, it is time to sleep. Then, before you go to bed seriously thinking about life: where did the time go? So, you and those who continue to recharge the gap between the people of the day. Weekdays, there are always so many people, after work, it feels like a tired day, go home immediately lying Ge You, the most appropriate. Time is a very rare resource, which directly restricts the output of each of us. The biggest difference between good time managers and ordinary people is that they value their time very much. But unfortunately, most people are not good at managing their most valuable time. For people in the workplace, learning time management is very important, it will help them to deal with their daily routine, the following methods, I hope to help you. 1 SMART principle in order to do a good job in time management, we must first understand our goals, it is necessary to use the principle of SMART. S (Specific): the specific, targeted to a specific outcome, rather than hold with no reality whatever ideas; M (Measurable): quantitative, figuring out what needs to be achieved quantitative results; A (Attainable): can be realized, to seriously consider whether the target can be realized, the team’s resources and capabilities enough to reach the goal, the morale of the required conditions, if not satisfied with how to do, if far beyond the range, do not promise; R (Realistic): meaningful, do it for the company and for the team, whether it is meaningful for the individual, a deep understanding of what is the meaning of T (Time-targeted); with time, a clear understanding of complete and ultimately achieve the goal of time limit. Immediate action is not silly, to understand the secret goal is superior. 2 take "modaobuwukanchaigong, proper rest will make use of time and higher efficiency. The rest is sleep? Yes, it’s not. Adequate, high-quality sleep is necessary, but this is only the foundation. A more reasonable way to rest is to change the brain, in addition to sleep, to do something to relax their body and mind, such as listening to music, sports, family chat, etc.. Some people choose to play games all night, all night playing mahjong, drink drunk to wake up etc., not only fail to break the effect, but will make you tired. 3 learn to classify the classification society, is another secret of time managers.相关的主题文章: