For Facebook, Uber and other top talent recruitment company, Hired for $30 million C round of financing Sohu technology of candidates, it is difficult to find a suitable job, because both their love, but also hope that this work is challenging, individual ability promotion; similarly, the Employer Firms, especially the top science and technology the company, to identify the "maxima" is not easy in many job seekers. San Francisco recruitment company Hired to help bridge the two, so that companies recruit talent, but also to enable candidates to achieve their career value. Recently, Hired received $second C round of financing, the original investor Ontario Pension Committee and wealth advisory firm Glenmede Trust continue to chase investment. In April this year, the company had received $40 million C round of financing, the investor side, including Comcast Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Lumia and Great Oaks. After the current round of financing, the company’s C round of financing amounted to $70 million, total financing of more than $100 million. The company will use the funds to continue to invest in the development of new technologies to enhance the scientific capacity of data, the establishment of an excellent global team, help the company. Hired was founded in 2012, headquartered in San Francisco, the company will combine online and traditional recruitment, to help job seekers find a favorite job, and make the process convenient and efficient. First of all, job seekers were registered in the Hired website, create a user profile, highlighting their personal experiences, skills and occupation target; then, the Hired team will examine the data to see if the employer and to match the needs of. If the conditions are met, Hired will invite applicants to join their talent platform, where job seekers will receive an interview request from the employer. At this time, the Employer Firms will compete to get the attention of job seekers, job seekers can only choose from. There will be more than 2000 companies using Hired every week to see the applicant’s profile. However, these data will not be presented to the former employer for personal privacy. Different from the previous way to find a job, Hired to provide various companies to job seekers, so that job seekers than other means, there are more opportunities to enter the top companies. In addition, Hired for wages, stocks and bonuses and other issues, to provide unparalleled transparency, facilitate job seekers while comparing the number of offer, the next step more confident. More importantly, Hired for each applicant equipped with specialized personnel consultant, in your resume polished, help prepare for the interview and negotiation and Employer Firms etc.. Hired provides the position of technology and sales professionals, such as engineers, UX UI designers, data scientists, account managers, etc.. In addition, marketing related work, including public relations, product marketing, content marketing, paid marketing, etc.. Individual job seekers completely free, but Employer Firms to pay the corresponding costs. The current Hired includes.相关的主题文章: