Sprinter Su Bingtian sun marriage certificate: talk to people is loved will never change — people.com.cn Hainan Channel – people.com.cn October 10th, for Chinese air Su Bingtian, is definitely a big day, he announced the news of a wedding in the personal social platform, but also drying out the marriage certificate, news came out, received the majority of users bless immediately, bless their God happy forever. Su Bingtian and his girlfriend is the registration center in Zhongshan City, licensing of marriage, this is the big day, Su Bingtian and his girlfriend also dressed in couples dress appearance, very casual style, and the licensing of the two faces are filled with a happy smile, Su Bingtian right hand gently around the waist as the lover, love, do not know how much a single child the dog. "2016.10.10, the words must be counted, loved ones will never change." Su Bingtian micro-blog in writing love letters, is willing to work with people you love life, but Su Bingtian is still micro-blog sun has more than one loving photo, let the world witness their love journey, we see the couple on the beach in the sun kiss, the Civil Affairs Bureau of marriage with show of affection, also saw Su Bingtian in the leg kneel to kiss lover right, should be proposed. Although Su Bingtian is Chinese sprint leader, but the emotional life is very low-key, until the 2015 Beijing World Championships in the 100 metres final in history, his other half will be more people to know that Su Bingtian had feelings of the situation is very stable, the girlfriend is primary school classmate Su Bingtian was childhood sweetheart, but did not disclose the wedding plans. Su Bingtian at the Rio Olympics during an interview, said the Rio Olympics will end and married his girlfriend, and he proved to honor the commitment, and now love licensing registration, lovers, friends also have the blessing, this is too sudden, and dog hair and joyful, congratulations to you, the wife is very beautiful." (commissioning editor Liu Hantao and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: