Steel War: soaring prices will continue to fund Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: friends, friends of the Qing Qing   Li Qilin   Liang Luping   and the bond market is closely related to the trend of steel rebar and the bond market is closely related to the main rebar contract price and 10 year bonds trend is consistent, the height of the logic is: black metal futures to steel as the representative of the rise, one can boost the spot price, and promote to steel as raw materials related to product cost and price, for the CPI to produce the role of pulling, pushing up the market for inflation expectations; on the other hand, ferrous metals futures rose also reflects the market demand for the latter is more optimistic, that is to say the economy is relatively optimistic expectations. These two points will have a negative impact on the bond market. The logic support rebar rose to support the current round of rebar rose two reasons: the first reason stems from the contradiction between the fundamentals of supply and demand concentrated outbreak, screw steel, steel billet, steel inventories low for a long time, in the second half of last year, infrastructure and real estate than expected growth, the rapid intensification of the contradiction between supply and demand; second reasons due to the globalization of monetary easing, U.S. interest rates has not yet been landed, the world is still in the monetary environment, while domestic M2 a sharp increase in the money multiplier, credit level significantly better. In the past, the steel industry is the driving force of economic growth, the development and changes of the steel market demand is the epitome of macroeconomic development and change. 1992-1999 years, China’s implementation of the double track price system, can get the steel will be able to get a huge profit in the market. 92 steel industry in March, a high point, and after the Southeast Asian financial crisis began to downstream channel. 2000-2009 years, the basic realization of the price of steel market, labor stage 04-06 belongs to the pre stimulus digestion, after a strong rise in steel prices, until the American subprime crisis, steel production fell to historic sites. 2009 China released 4 trillion liquidity to combat the financial crisis, the economy gradually stabilized, steel prices began to surge upward. Due to the massive stimulus overcapacity, enterprise high debt, inflation and other issues, the government began to regulate the housing market, the adjustment of the real estate market directly transmitted to the upstream mills deleveraging cycle, from the beginning of 2011 the whole industry chain black bear market for bottom-up capacity elimination and open. Threaded steel go from here? Prices fell after the two main reasons, one is long before the country will be a large-scale economic stimulus policy is expected to be corrected, the rational investor sentiment; two is a series of regulatory measures to suppress the excessive speculation in the futures market, futures black fever early rapid cooling. But it can not be judged on the rebar prices fell into the channel. First, the real estate has not yet stabilized, the incremental role of infrastructure can not be ignored. Before April相关的主题文章: