"Doctor Strange" mainland low-key opening zero field box office only 3 million 930 thousand Sohu entertainment "strange doctor" shown in the November 4th Sino US Sohu entertainment news today, the marvel superhero blockbuster "Doctor Strange" China painting, art grace and real-time display zero field box office cat is only 3 million 930 thousand, while the movie box office data is midnight. At 5 million 300 thousand, slightly higher than last year’s October 16th release of "ant" ant man (Midnight gross 4 million 500 thousand). In May 6th this year compared with the release of "Captain America 3" zero field with 17 million of the results, a great gap. This year, the mainland release of other Hollywood blockbusters, "Batman vs. Superman" zero field achievement 8 million 800 thousand, "Star Wars: force awakening" zero field 17 million 800 thousand, and "world of Warcraft" the zero field office is 55 million 400 thousand. With the relative popularity and audience awareness in higher IP compared to large, "Doctor Strange" or "niche" some slightly. "Doctor Strange" shown in November 4th in the United States and overseas, 33 other countries and regions to open the picture, were boarded around the first weekend Movie Week topped the box office, overseas box office totaled $86 million. "Strange" by Scott Derek Sen (Dr. "sinister" "magic") directed, tells the story of great – neurosurgeon Stephen Lestrange (Doctor Strange) after a car accident suffered a tragedy, must ego aside, learning the world multidimensional space of an unknown secret, metaphysics. The Greenwich Village in New York, Doctor Strange will act as a middleman and the world outside of the real world, using ability and artifact to protect the vastness of the supernatural Marvel movie universe. In addition to the "Doctor Strange" Benedict – Conboy Baki, Tilda – Swinton, Ford, Rachel – Qiewate Krause – Mcadams, Max Mikkelsen, Benedict – Wang also play an important role in the film.相关的主题文章: