Subsidies for "Tang Seng meat" in Hunan Ningxiang County investigated several flies greedy – Beijing Xinhua Changsha November 11th news (reporter Liu Liangheng) 11 reporters from the Hunan Commission for Discipline Inspection in Ningxiang County learned that the county recently investigated bulletin 5 typical cases of "plucking, including 3 occupation of collective forest subsidies money, a number of grassroots village cadres strict accountability. Zi Cun Fu Zhen Hu Yangping, Warburg, Zhang Fuqiang, Huang Mingjun used his position to facilitate the occupation of collective forest subsidies funds. Since 2006, the Fu Yao Tai Zhenyuan Street Village branch secretary Zhang (already died May 2016) of the specific operation, the original village cadres Hu Yangping, Huang Yao Tai Street Mingjun used his position to facilitate each occupation of collective forest subsidies 9525 yuan of funds; in 2009, the village secretary Zhang Fu strong in the name of father to join, to 2015 misappropriation of funds 6150 yuan. In July 2016, the town Party committee to give Hu Yangping Zi Fu, Huang Mingjun, Zhang Fuqiang party warning, discipline and confiscation of funds. Liu Shahe Town of stone Macun branch secretary Yu Genghui false impersonator subsidies case of returning farmland to forest. Yu Genghui, when he was in Macun branch secretary, to his wife and his own account of two people to get farmland to forest acres of subsidies, of which 16.66 acres of the area is not real. 2014 and before the funds have been credited to the village accounts, in 2015 and in 2016 to receive a total of 4165 yuan of funds for returning farmland to forests. In July 11, 2016, Yu Genghui gave his wife Hemou compensation payment book. In September 2016, Liu Shahe Town Party committee to give the party warning Genghui yu. Hui Tang Town Forestry Station cadres Zhang Baiyun power taking forest subsidies. In 2006, Zhang Baiyun was inspired in stationmaster Huang Shijun Township Forestry Station under the maple bridge, with its neighbors and relatives account ID, defrauding the state of returning farmland to forest to give subsidies, to seek benefits for the relatives and neighbors as well as in Huangshi. August 2016, the gray soup town Party committee to give the party warning.相关的主题文章: