The charred wreckage of a suspected MH370 or for the first time that the machine was on fire – a Sohu news Malaysia Airlines lost contact with suspected wreckage surface flight MH370 obvious scorch marks (source: Australian News Network) China daily in September 12, according to Australian News Network reported on September 12th, in the morning, a suspected Malaysia Airlines the wreckage of flight MH370 was handed over to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigation. The wreckage from the aircraft inside, there are obvious signs of burning on the surface, once confirmed to belong to the MH370 flight, the cabin will prove to be the first favorable evidence of a fire. This debris from 3 local people found on the African island of the east coast of Madagascar, after transferred to the American adventurer Blaine Gibson?. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 missing more than two years, Gibson has been paying close attention to the aircraft related news. So far in Mozambique, Madagascar and other places found 27 suspected wreckage of flight MH370, Gibson found 13 dollars, about half of them by the Australian authorities confirmed "very likely" from the MH370 flight. 12 morning, Gibson arrived in the Australian capital Canberra, personally the newly discovered wreckage to the Australian Transport Safety bureau. "The surface of the paint debris was burned and blackened." Gibson said, "there is a very important point, the debris from the plane should be inside, but not the main, or may be cargo aviation electronic equipment cabin." Reported that if this debris is confirmed from the MH370 flight, it will be proved that aircraft is due to fire — may be due to the first evidence for electrical wiring, electrical equipment and electrical fire — fault caused by the crash. But Gibson added that the charred wreckage may also be caused by the impact force, "anyway, MH370 aircraft at the bottom of the sea is slowly unraveling the secrets. I think the wreck is extremely important". Australian Transport Safety Bureau confirmed the same day received Gibson submitted the suspected wreckage, Australia said that the Malaysia authorities will seek advice, to discuss the next investigation work. Aviation expert Geoffrey? Thomas said that if the newly discovered wreckage was confirmed from the MH370 flight avionics module, it is of great significance, "it will change everything, it will tell us why the airliner of two electronic control systems have no reason to suddenly shut down".相关的主题文章: