Suzhou city international competitiveness index report released by the global 16 in 19 held a municipal center group special study report, a report by the municipal development and Reform Commission in cooperation with the city competitiveness center Chinese academy completed the "Suzhou City International Competitiveness Report" appearance, the "report" will coordinate system composed of Suzhou city competitiveness in the global 500 a city, the level of competitiveness of our city precision calibration. The "report" data show that in Suzhou’s economic competitiveness and sustainable competitiveness are in the middle level, the technology innovation index ranked 16 in the world, the most dazzling. The "report" group leader, center city China and competitiveness Academy of Social Sciences Research Director Ni Pengfei introduced the "report" started from the second half of last year, the research group has established a large database and comparative model, using "Global City Competitiveness Report" in the index, and the sample data, and research in Suzhou enterprises, held the relevant regions and departments in the forum, repeated discussion and revision, forming the final result. The "report" pointed out that in Suzhou’s economic competitiveness and sustainable competitiveness are in the middle level, the economic vitality, industry foundation, innovation driven, competitive advantages in eight aspects of open economy, system, culture, urban and rural integration, social harmony, the economic vitality index score in 500 city in the world rankings 87, more than Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, Chicago, Munich and even more than Melbourne and other important international city, can use "strong" to describe; technology innovation index ranked sixteenth in 500 in the global city, into the world’s top 20 ranks, was the most dazzling. The report also pointed out that there are some differences between Suzhou and other major international cities in terms of livable environment, cultural diversity, global contact, and so on. Ni Pengfei believes that Suzhou city must play to enhance the international competitiveness of manufacturing advantages, seize the strategic opportunity China manufacturing 2025 ", with the help of intelligence," Internet plus "opportunities, from large to strong and excellent" transformation, the final completion of global influential manufacturing city. At the same time, it is necessary to build the Shanghai innovation chain extension node, the construction of the Yangtze River Delta composite center of global scientific and technological innovation. In Ni Pengfei’s view, the future of the core competitiveness of the city, is the most valuable resource and ecological culture, Suzhou historical and cultural heritage, landscape is rich in resources, to protect and develop well, make Suzhou a strong international competitiveness, harmonious ecological livable new state. Expansion of the video: unrelated to the original text of Jiangsu, Suzhou: let the rule of law as the core competitiveness相关的主题文章: