Swim one hundred meters Quanzhou East Lake deputy director of the police station, save the trapped child? East Lake police deputy director Lin Xingjin will swim one hundred meters stranded out? – Post reporter Lin Jiahua correspondent Chen Xiaohui Cai Fangcai Ventura? 17 days "people trapped in there, the danger is approaching. At that time, we were all at risk, and we had to do our best to help them." Yesterday, East Lake fortress police deputy director Lin Xingjin swim save the trapped child video, online netizens not stop forwarding, for the police to the spirit of praise, Lin Xingjin is very simple to say. The water can not be delayed? Subsided time? Lin Xingjin told reporters that in September 15th around 7 in the morning, they received the alarm, in the vicinity of Quanzhou fourth prison, a warehouse there are people trapped. "The wall of the whole plant area, all by blisters, water one or two meters deep." Lin Xingjin introduction. Lin Xingjin and the police came to the scene with a life jacket and a life buoy, water is still rising, they quickly broke the wall, but the water can not subside. ? "the inside of the case are not clear, afraid to delay the rescue time, people do not know how to save themselves will be out of the accident." Lin Xingjin said he finally decided to enter the warehouse to see the situation, as far as possible to rescue the trapped people. The water to protect the safety of children rescued?? Lin Xingjin turned two warehouses, each to a place stopped to scream, in second at the warehouse, a couple of hiding in the two floor, the situation is relatively safe, on account of two couples wait for rescue. Came to the third warehouse, a couple holding a child only a few months old, with a little boy about 12 years old, standing on the roof. "The child is very nervous, all cried, my tool is not much, just want to save the little boy." He took the child off the roof, put on a life buoy, swam behind him, slowly pushing people forward. Worried that the child was injured, Lin Yi a hand tightly clutching the life buoy, from time to time have to block the child in front of the body, the front of the obstacles to clear up. After ten minutes, Lin Xingjin finally took the child to the police. The police have been tired? For? Because more clearly in the warehouse, after a short rest, Lin Xingjin again with the police, open boats into the waters, even the 17 trapped people rescued. ? actually came up from the water, Lin Xingjin even talk to breathe badly. He told reporters, from the beginning of September 14th, the police station all in ready. The early morning of the second day, police continued, he even made a few rescue scene, when climbing out, really catch up. "At that time, I really do not care about their own danger. The masses are in danger. We are the police." Lin Xingjin said.相关的主题文章: