Energy innovation is the key to technological innovation energy technology is a breakthrough in the new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the acceleration of energy consumption in the world, a new round of energy revolution will shift from the scale of industrial civilization to the information age to the scale of the green low-carbon energy era. Technological innovation plays a decisive role in the energy revolution, it is an inexhaustible motive force for energy structure optimization and transformation and upgrading. Only through innovation to master the core technology, the construction of clean low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, in order to seize the key to energy reform, grasp the initiative of sustainable and healthy development of energy. There are many ways to classify energy, which can be divided into fossil energy, renewable energy and nuclear energy. Fossil fuels including coal, petroleum, natural gas, shale gas and natural gas hydrate; renewable energy including solar, wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal energy and ocean energy; nuclear power can be divided into fission and fusion energy. Coal, oil and other traditional fossil energy is relatively cheap and convenient to use, its deficiency is serious pollution; renewable energy to solve the pollution problem, but the price is relatively high, there are service conditions and other unfavorable factors. Whether it is to achieve the traditional fossil energy clean, low carbonization, efficient use, or to achieve the scale of green energy in order to reduce costs and ease of use, we must rely on technological innovation and progress. It is from this point of view, science and technology determine the future of energy, science and technology to create the future of energy. The constraints of the current ecological environment has become the most prominent constraints of energy development. The basic trend of energy supply and consumption revolution is clean, green, low-carbon, vigorously promote clean and efficient use of coal at the same time, focus on the development of non coal energy, the formation of coal, oil, gas, nuclear and renewable energy multi wheel drive multi energy supply system. From the structure of coal, oil and other high carbon fossil fuels will gradually be replaced by natural gas and shale gas and other low-carbon energy, renewable energy development and utilization of large-scale, safe use of nuclear energy. At the same time, the energy Internet and large-scale energy storage and advanced energy equipment and key materials and other key areas have a new breakthrough. Green renewable energy technology, energy efficient use of technology, development and application of energy saving technology and greenhouse gas emission reduction technology is the main driving force to promote energy revolution, will greatly optimize the energy structure and spatial layout. Therefore, the key to energy reform lies in the progress of science and technology. Through the promotion of technological innovation, can reduce the cost of new energy and renewable energy, providing cleaner and cheaper energy products; through the strengthening of energy storage and smart grid construction, the development of distributed energy, promote energy saving low carbon power dispatch, is conducive to building a clean modern energy system of low-carbon, efficient and green intelligent safety. The traditional energy field, focus on the efficient use of fossil energy in the traditional cleaning, significantly reduce pollution emissions of energy production and use in the process of carbon dioxide sequestration utilization, strengthening the energy associated with the comprehensive utilization of resources, construction, circulation system of clean energy technology. Renewable areas, focusing on the development of more efficient, lower cost, more flexible use of wind and solar energy technology, local conditions.相关的主题文章: