Thailand — back to back "siblings" ended Shigeru Shihua still trapped took nearly a year, Mao Shihua (000637.SZ) "and" farce finally ended. Recently, the disclosure of Listed Companies in Shenzhen, the company chairman Liu Hua has received a letter of resignation. Liu Hua was forced to make midway departure, Mao Shihua on the board staff election and adjustment, Zhong Jun became the new chairman. Zhong Jun is quite familiar with the outside world. Last September, he is representative of Liu Hua’s brother Liu Jun outside sound, shelling Liu Hua suspected of dispossession Thailand — "assets, stock price manipulation, insider trading and embezzlement. "Thailand –" return to the Mau of China gain a complete victory, but will face severe challenges. Maoming Petrochemical has reduced the supply of raw materials, the listed company is now in trouble, the two quarter they even suffered a loss. Liu Hua resigned as chairman of the resignation of the more sudden, the letter revealed that, due to health and family reasons, she decided to resign as chairman, general manager and other duties, and then leave the company. "China Times" reporter noted that Liu Hua’s term was to the end of May 20, 2017, midway departure, and believe that "Thailand — step by step on. Originally, has served nearly 10 years of "Thailand –" head of Liu Jun, last September was commissioned by the Zhong Jun report released a statement, Liu Hua "Thailand –" suspected seizure of assets, stock price manipulation, insider trading and embezzlement. Subsequently, they also submitted several temporary proposal to the general meeting of shareholders demanding the ouster of Mao Shihua, the position of chairman Liu Hua. Liu Jun openly declared war, so that the outside world to see some confusion, because Liu Hua is his sister. As the brother of Liu Jun, before 2006 was active in the capital market, is a capital predators. During the peak period, he was by Beijing Thailand — control, including Mao Shihua Hubei golden ring (now renamed "Hankou 000615.SZ shares") and several listed companies, known as "Thailand –". But, in July 2006, the relevant departments of the capital predators suddenly being taken away, then accused of crimes of bribery, convicted and jailed for up to. Liu Jun, Mao Shihua also chained and thrown into prison in trouble. The listed company was going to bid for Beijing Thailand — a subsidiary of Zhuhai Institute of technology, 70% of the proceeds, but regulators found that Chinese capital is occupied, the company has not been disclosed. Chairman Guo Jinsong then was publicly condemned the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and sadly class, although there have been "comeback", but also in the more shares the sea (600387.SH) as an independent director. It is under this background, Liu Hua was appointed Chairman Mao Shihua. Serving more than 5 years, Liu Hua’s achievements are obvious. Over the year, Mao Shihua net profit is only 7 million 391 thousand and 300 yuan, in 2015 this figure had risen to 89 million 409 thousand and 400 yuan, and continuous growth. Unlike the previous chaos, the company began to become very low-key, and has been focused on the main business." China Merchants Securities analyst Cai Qinhu said sinopec. Liu Jun power spokesman Liu Hua suddenly announced his resignation, let a little Mao shihua;相关的主题文章: