Thatcher jointly build intelligent trading industry innovation works fund – Sohu Technology Innovation workshop jointly build drow industry fund, focus on logistics and supply chain upgrading, intelligent trading and other things. Zall intelligent trading ecosystem, ushered in the "science and Technology entrepreneurial Godfather Li Kaifu and fund industry catalytic power. In September 8th, zall group (02098.HK) and the company’s Innovation workshop (835966) signed an agreement in Beijing, the establishment of innovative drow intelligent trading industry fund, plans to invest in five years a large number of logistics and supply chain incubator upgrade intelligent transaction related enterprises, power structure in the drow most leading technology and commercial application of the most advanced intelligent transaction ecological circle. Innovation works was founded by Dr. Li Kaifu, is the domestic first-class business platform, designed to help entrepreneurs start smoothly and the rapid growth, has spawned numerous highly commercial value of the depth of the high-tech star enterprise. Today, the Innovation workshop has been the depth of incubation tentacles into artificial intelligence (AI) and other fields. According to the agreement, zall group’s drow Internet technology, Zhuojia Asset Management Co and Innovation workshop jointly initiated the establishment of zall intelligent trading industry fund innovation, will focus on the construction of intelligent business ecosystem, focusing on the layout of logistics and supply chain upgrading, intelligent trading, networking and other related industries, venture capital and equity investment. Thatcher will also carry out comprehensive cooperation and Innovation workshop depth, build a fund, still shares, incubators and other aspects of multi force camp. Zall venture intends to subscribe for new shares and innovative workshops, CO sponsored the establishment of venture capital and Innovation workshop service company, jointly operated Wuhan incubator — "Z space · innovation works". Zall intelligent trading industry investment fund innovation incubation enterprises preferred. Business intelligence transaction related field of entrepreneurs and Li Kaifu is expected to face to face, get start-up funding, and Innovation workshop and co sponsored the establishment of venture services company to provide the product design and development guidance, strategic planning and operational guidance, technology platform and other business support services. Focus on the wholesale market of supply chain and property transaction services zall group, since last year to force the transformation and upgrading, launched the drow Cloud City commercial transactions, and to organize the Intelligent Collaborative ecosystem: with the line under the wholesale trade as a starting point, through the logistics, finance, data, software, services, trading, networking, intelligent layout cross-border trade, is committed to the formation of the world’s largest consumer of B2B trading platform and database. Zall group through capital acquisitions to speed up the layout, the first half of this year alone, as Lanting Pavilion the cardinality of the first major shareholders, and established financial group, Thatcher Thatcher zhaopin. The large-scale application of artificial intelligence is coming, will reshape the hundreds of millions of areas, business intelligence is also entering the golden age. Dr. Li Kaifu will venture resources access drow intelligent trading ecosystem, at the forefront of global information technology, and guide potential entrepreneurial projects of commercial value, will greatly promote the intelligent trading technology research and development of commercial application. At the same time, Thatcher group into many innovative projects, also contribute to the innovation works to expand the project sources, and will enable the zall group from a single enterprise ecosystem.相关的主题文章: