The 16275th phase: prediction of lottery 3D prime force rebound – Sohu Fucai 3D 2016274th lottery number: 883, three groups of morphology, size ratio of 2:1, parity ratio of 1:2, and the value of 19, a span of 5. 3D2016275 lottery experts predict number: temperature: the period of temperature, out of 3, according to the award, short-term regularity, a future issue of concern code temperature cooling performance. Quality prediction: a mass number ratio is 1:2, because when the truth, to pay close attention to prime force rebound. In addition to the 3 residue analysis: on the lottery results is 883, except for 220 Sanyushu Road, from the date the situation as a whole, 2016275th lottery 3D should be appropriate to consider the 1 numerical pick up. Mean recommendation: the five most recent average out of 2-4-4-5-6, looking at the overall distribution of the average value of the recent period, the estimated value of the value of the 275 phase of the code will not be too large. Size distribution: 274 the size and shape of the open 2:1, the current large number slightly ahead, the latest issue of the decimal number is expected to heat up.相关的主题文章: