The 6 time Laolai xiebaozhengshu money still owed the judge forced Tengfang – Beijing face forced Tengfang, Hu helpless. Moving the company will not move to the bank loans to the bank, the judge came to perform, the father and son have to cooperate with each other 6 times to write down the repayment guarantee to the court. This way to escape a flicker, but ultimately can not escape the fate of enforcement. Enforced in many court cases in Wuhua, "guns" seems to have become the standard lai". Yesterday, the judge in the law Tengfang Pizhixingren Hu home, and found two guns. A father and son take turns to write 6 copy of the warranty in November 1, 2011, the defendant in a Kunming City area Shanglin wide environment garden on a house as collateral, to the Yunnan branch of China Construction Bank loans about 700000 yuan. After the maturity of the loan is not a penny. The bank brought a lawsuit to the Wuhua court. In December 2014, the Wuhua court verdict Hu A shall repay the loan principal and interest totaling more than 74 yuan. After the entry into force of the judgment, Humou is still reluctant to repay. April 8, 2015, the bank to the court for enforcement. This "Hu × September 16, 2015 repayment commitment of not less than 300 thousand yuan, the remaining loans in October 10th is 300 thousand yuan, in October 31, 2015 before all also. If the promise is not fulfilled, I and my family to vacate the room, and then do not delay the bank does not drag the court." This is the judge in August 31, 2015 to enforce, Humou handwritten repayment commitments. However, for Hu, such an undertaking is nothing more than a. In the implementation of the judge’s books, evening news reporter found yesterday forced Teng Hu in a court to write 6 similar commitments and guarantees. Hu wrote the expiration of the guarantee, and his son wrote a letter to the court, but in the end a guarantee can not be honored." The executive judge Zhang Svejk said, in April 21st this year, they to Hu issued a notice of compulsory Tengfang, while Hu finally a guarantee was submitted in September 19th this year. Zhang Shuaike said, because the debtor is old, the family and when misfortune, in view of the debtor family special, the courts have repeatedly tolerance. But the executive was not grateful, but the father and son to cooperate with each other, to the court frequently wrote repayment guarantee fudge judge. Forced Teng room home hidden two simulation guns in November is the Wuhua court, the basic implementation of the implementation of the difficult month. Wuhua Court Executive Board Secretary Ma Zhenggong introduced, as of October 30th, the hospital received a total of 5609 cases, 2938 in the same period last year increased by 90.91% compared to, as of yesterday’s rulings 2193, execution subject of 1 billion 567 million yuan. This year, the hospital a total of 24 people detained, forced Teng room of 135 sets. Compulsory Tengfang, Hu to the executive judge said, willing to use the party as collateral, wants the court to give him 10 days to repay. This time, a hard, forced Tengfang start. Taking into account the presence of Hu in the body, especially the judge相关的主题文章: