The astronauts will Jessica diapers secret, applied to baby diapers in maternal and child – Sohu in October 2016 17, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft launched successfully. When we focus on the launch of the 11 gods of God for the international political pattern of space far-reaching influence, while Jing Haipeng and the astronauts in the space of the life and health of the two astronauts became the focus of attention of the public at the same time, the focus of the United States and the United States and the United States and China in the world. On earth, "eat" the basic human physiological needs, for people with modern science and technology, to solve the problem is not what. However, from the earth spaceship flying into space, until the astronauts to the space station, and then from the space station aboard the spacecraft to return to the process, "eat" is not trivial, because it relates to whether astronauts flying in from in the process of health, happy life and work, must solve must be full of science and technology sense. The public concerns and doubts about the project successfully docked Tiangong two reported in October 19th the God eleven spacecraft in the face of CCTV reporters, astronaut Jing Haipeng forthrightly, he told reporters: "now the children use diapers, you are not afraid of a joke, we also used up now, we call the urine collecting device." The invention is actually derived from diapers as experienced, three astronauts flying into space astronauts, Jing Haipeng also said: "the space mission is a service for the exploration of the universe, but in fact a lot of ways to serve the people, for the people who. Like B ultrasound, nuclear magnetic resonance, telemedicine are used by astronauts, and finally serve the people." He also said, now, with the old baby diapers, diaper is, the beginning is the astronauts used to today, has become the people’s daily necessities. In order to meet more people’s curiosity, the reporter began to explore a road of "space shit". With the in-depth investigation, we solved the mystery, shaking "is actually the origin of diapers because the astronauts demand." This point in the interview when astronaut Jing Haipeng also mentioned, "because the astronauts to wear pressure suits, his size is not convenient, so, this is the beginning of the astronaut body, finally you see, children used, with the baby." We also learned that the birth was full of dramatic diapers. In 1960s, the pace of human exploration of space. The first Soviet astronaut Gagarin into space, space before there was a small episode, to enter in launch compartment, Gagarin suddenly felt the urgency, no way, he had to, in front of a launch pad for transporting him to the car wheels to urinate, and finally solved the problem. This is necessary at the time, because the time to stay in space is very short, there is no space shuttle defecation system. At least Gagarin urine to the outside, followed by another American astronaut Shepard into space is more miserable, urgency when commander ordered his urine in a space suit, it is a risk, because the urine heat may make the space must be kept cool suit equipment failure. Fortunately, the urine quickly cooled, tragedy did not happen. By 80s, with the development of polymer materials.相关的主题文章: