The barber shop like calligraphy exhibition room decorated with calligraphy works (reporter Zhang Lei) no plaque hung door, indoor painting calligraphy, if not hear the blower and the electric clippers sound, it is hard to think of this is actually a barber shop. This is full of cultural heritage barber shop is located in the old campus of Shaanxi Normal University. "It’s like a calligraphy exhibition room, but it’s really a barbershop." Recently, a netizen said the Shaanxi Normal University old campus in a barber shop, the shop door not hanging plaque, the store is different to write calligraphy works, if you are not in the campus, really think this is actually a barber shop. Even the barber shop has such a cultural connotation." Netizen comments. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Changan Road on the old campus of Shaanxi Normal University, the school asked the barber shop address, a student told reporters that this barber shop almost all of them have been to the school class. "It’s all written by the teachers, the rest of the place is really not the king, which is also a cultural point of view of our school bar." Students say. In the guidance of the students, the reporter found this barber shop in the school family area, store business area of only more than and 40 square meters, and other barber shop posters and star hair style of the decoration style is different, here is hanging on the wall is more than 20 pieces of calligraphy works, one of the most striking is that a word write: "be the world first-class exhibition event, world top Kung fu". 48 year old owner Guo Liang told reporters that the shop’s calligraphy work is to bring the barber of teachers. The reason is very simple to send word, is a teacher that he has good barber, Huibi wrote a few words in praise of his craft. Because the teacher is well written, he was framed and hanging in the store, unexpectedly, the hanging never lived. Many of the calligraphy lovers to cut, not only to appreciate each other, but also continue to send word. In this way, 10 years, he received more than 30 pieces of calligraphy, because the room is limited, he can only part of the calligraphy works in the store, for customers to enjoy. "This is not only the barber shop, also a calligraphy Museum, many people see love calligraphy, also went to visit each other in learning." Guo Liang said, but also because of this reason is also known as barber shop, a full of cultural stores. Source: Xi’an Evening News相关的主题文章: