The beginning of winter, do not want the baby cough do not get sick, the mother must understand Sohu maternal time flies, a blink of an eye today is already the beginning of winter. As the first solar term, the winter mentioned winter, we believe that the mind is "tonic" in two! Winter is the season of collection, added to the tonic, Yang, Yang, yang to Tibet, as a solid foundation for next year’s health lay. Many mothers feel that their body is not bad, do not fill up does not matter, but the child’s problem did not dare to slack off. Especially more and more cold days, the baby body is particularly susceptible to the situation, so a winter, mother was anxious to give the baby to eat tonic, always want to do what, what help the baby of Yang, survive the winter. Mention of tonic, most people’s first impression is the tonic, eat good, nutritious food. While most parents especially the old impression to add nutrition to eat more meat, the north south is mainly to eat beef and mutton, eat chicken and duck. So, starting from the beginning of winter, a lot of parents will let the baby eat these meat. The baby is not really needed in this way tonic? Before answering this question, we first look at the baby’s physique. The baby is Chun Yang of the body, Yang sufficient, full of vitality, fast The new supersedes the old. even in winter, the cold weather, the baby will not have Yang deficiency condition. And now very rich diet, daily food is on the table, "fire fish meat phlegm", a large number of intake of meat every day, these foods will further heat wet, it will make the baby body fluid is the loss of body fluid, Yin, deficiency of Yin, Yang will be normal baby is unnecessary. The baby is easy to show "lit" symptoms. When the meat to eat more and more baby, yin deficiency is more serious, a lot of baby food and snacks, cake dessert, baby also do not eat vegetables, even to eat, they will choose to eat those hardcore, add minced meat and vegetables, more difficult to get fried, boiled vegetables. These conditions will further aggravate the situation of Yin deficiency. Yin is more and more serious, the baby is more and more easy to issue. So now many sick baby is not up enough, but oh, eat too much meat, nutritious food to eat too much. Back to the tonic, too. If the mother does not know the baby’s physical condition, blindly tonic, those Yin baby, in winter, more food supplement in Yin deficiency condition will aggravate. When Yin and step increase, as long as a baby is a little out of the situation immediately wind sways grass, respiratory tract. So, after the beginning of winter, the baby is not the tonic supplement nutritious food, but nourishing yin! First look at the baby’s physical condition, if the baby is under the red, red tongue, eye big temper, and an upsurge of hot, this situation must not add meat, especially beef and mutton, more heat, will aggravate the deficiency. At this time, to give the baby a nourishing Yin, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat some food or. In fact, the white winter food listed are Ziyin lungs, such as yam, radish, people相关的主题文章: