The Chinese walk "Silk Road" thinking – the news agency of the new network in Beijing in September 29, (Chen Su) 3 years of "The Belt and Road vision has Chinese, China state-owned enterprises in the overseas development of" Silk Road "in the process also experienced a transformation and transformation. In the opinion of President Li Jin in the sound research institute, one of the biggest changes is the idea of the. Li Jin said, before China state-owned enterprises "going out" is more direct sales of products, involving little chain landing, "since The Belt and Road vision put forward, more and more enterprises from pure product" going out "into production and industrial chain" going out". Over the past 3 years, Chinese enterprise cooperation in international production and foreign investment projects signed a number of "single". According to statistics, China has more than and 20 countries along the international capacity cooperation. As of July this year, Chinese of The Belt and Road "national investment totaled $51 billion 100 million, the great efforts of hitherto unknown. China Minmetals Corp chairman He Wenbo told News Agency reporters, in the past, companies to "go out" mainly rely on traditional foreign trade and overseas enterprises; now, in the The Belt and Road along has more and more resources and localization management team. As of the end of 2015, Minmetals foreign institutions and projects in more than and 60 countries and regions, foreign assets accounted for about 14. "Since The Belt and Road" vision, nuclear power, equipment manufacturing, transportation and other production capacity has become China enterprises "going out" beautiful name card itself profit at the same time, also led the development of the region along the infrastructure construction and social economy. "Southeast Asia and Central Asia and South Asia is currently in a period of rapid economic development, through the" The Belt and Road ‘going out of the product, resource has the leading role in the development of the local economy is very obvious." Li Jin said that the current state-owned enterprises going out more production capacity and advanced equipment manufacturing to the destination country, greatly promoting the process of industrialization of the local, and the region has a huge role in stimulating employment. At the beginning of the September G20 summit in Hangzhou, Chinese has also launched a "global infrastructure interoperability alliance initiative", to further the "The Belt and Road" to promote the global infrastructure construction. Li Jin pointed out that China’s state-owned enterprises going out of the idea of change, but also reflected in the scale of production from the original expansion of the scale of the industrial restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. In recent years, the central enterprises restructuring significantly faster, and China Minmetals China Metallurgical Group, COSCO Shipping, and Chinese Textile Group and COFCO, Baosteel and wuhan…… SASAC said, then there are several groups of restructuring is brewing, the central enterprises to the number of years is expected to integrate to less than 100. Li Jin predicts that mergers and acquisitions will become an important direction of development in the overseas state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises will enter the depth adjustment of industrial structure, the current state-owned enterprises "higher degree of dispersion," The Belt and Road ‘Chinese construction will promote the state-owned enterprises to speed up the integration and upgrade speed, China will enter the era of big business, produce some output value of 500 billion yuan (RMB the Big Mac, the same below) enterprises above." China Minmetals and MCC in December 8th last year, the implementation of the war)相关的主题文章: