The company has nearly one million complaints honey bud default payment, but the two sides each one sticks to his argument honey bud baby CEO Liu Nan French trading company VD Groupe today (October 13th) to the company by the tiger sniffing revealed that maternal electricity supplier honey bud payment in arrears for a year. Due to premature delivery of honey bud account, the company can not pay the French brand side payment, and the French side of the court to the brand. According to VD Groupe revealed that from March 2015 the company signed a contract with honey bud began working in mid October 2015 the last batch of the arrival of the goods at the warehouse after honey honey bud bud "unsalable" as the reason to delay the payment of the balance of payment balance for 128000 euros, equivalent to about 950 thousand yuan rmb. Tiger sniffing confirmation to the honey bud get back to this order, existing suppliers and employees of the honey bud interest transfer, "therefore, before things out, we according to the terms of the contract, shall have the right to be temporarily closing. It’s not the default payment." The dispute may be the case, but a few years ago when the brainchild, since entering 2016, honey bud is indeed encountered hitherto unknown challenge. The two collection, attitude reversal Ding Yang (a pseudonym) is the founder of VD Groupe’s wife, frequently this year between France and China. Because her husband is French, there are language barriers to communication, so she replaced her husband, becoming the main international debt collection. "In January of this year, my husband also came to China, and honey bud negotiations on this matter, did not say not to pay, but to the bill." "But this time I return home and honey bud to negotiate again, honey bud said a penny will pay us." VD Groupe signed contracts in March 2015 with its first honey bud, with the French cosmetics, children and other complementary commodity brand cooperation supply again to honey bud. According to the contract, before the arrival of the honey bud to pay 30% of the advance payment, the goods will be paid within 7 days after the end of the 70% paragraph. Prior to October, the smooth cooperation between the two sides, the money arrived on schedule. But in mid October 2015, a batch of goods, honey bud in the payment of 30% of the advance payment, there is no time to pay the remaining amount. Not only that, honey bud also cancelled some not to goods, the key is to cancel the goods did not give me a formal reply to Mr. company, but I find Mr. forwarding company, said the rest of the honey bud there not to take orders." "That is to say, in addition to no tail money, honey bud to our suppliers in France, there have also been a loss. Because of the brand side of the money, the brand side to the court." Ding Yang said to the tiger. In January of this year, Ding Yang and her husband and honey bud had a negotiation, at that time, honey bud did not say do not pay, but said to the bill, because it involves a number of personnel before and after the resignation." By October, however, the attitude of the honey bud. "Yesterday (October 12th) to find the honey bud, honey bud legal people see I said, because the product is slow-moving, and when the number of products to the approaching expiration date according to the contract, honey bud could not pay, I asked them," do not pay a penny. "They say" on the basis of this, a penny can not pay. ".相关的主题文章: