The country examination 2 days left Liaoning hottest position 474:1 weekend this week ushered in the national examination registration registration stage, ushered in the climax, the only more than 23, 24, two days, candidates are still hesitant to buy. As of 22 am, after nearly 8 days of enrollment, the system has been approved by nearly 850 thousand people, the average competitive ratio of 31.38:1. However, there are still 490 candidates have not broken the number of candidates, accounting for 3.14%. The national enrollment of nearly 50 thousand over last year, the 5 years of the hottest jobs this year the country examination more fiery than last year, according to the statistics of the public education, as of 22 days 16 when enrollment over the trial the total number of 849326 people, nearly 50 thousand people over the same period last year, the average competition ratio is 31.38:1, higher than the same period last year 28.8:1. The hottest jobs from NLD central office reception director and the following position, the job plan recruiting 1 people over the trial, the number is 6233, the competitive ratio as high as 6233:1, which is also the highest since the 2013 annual national examination, 5 years over the same period the proportion of the competition. In addition to academic and professional, this position requires 2 years of grass-roots work experience, even so still enrollment bursting, visible hot degree. Liaoning have a trial number slightly lower than the same period last year the hottest jobs 474:1 according to the letter of education statistics, as of 22 May 16, the national examination system for the Liao position over the trial number has reached 37212 people, compared with the same period last year, the number had slightly lower, compared with three days before the registration, the growth rate has slow down. There are still 36 jobs no one. Division of view, the State Taxation Bureau of Liaoning province enrollment is still the most, more than 12831 people through the audit; Shenyang Railway Public Security Bureau followed 7135 people over the trial; the State Taxation Bureau of Dalian ranked third, 6636 people over the trial. In the 21 departments involved in Liaoning, the number of applicants for at least the audit office in Shenyang correspondent, only 7 people registered over the trial; the trial had the largest number of posts, as of 22 May 16 for the Shenyang Railway Public Security Bureau of Jilin Railway Police Department line jingwuou police post, more than 859 people over the trial, but the job plan recruiting 4 people, competition is about 215:1. The number of applicants followed from Shenyang Railway Public Security Bureau, the Jinzhou Railway Police Department line jingwuou police post, 796 people have signed up and through the audit, plan Zhaolu 3 people, competition is about 266:1. The degree of competition, Liaoning Reserve Materials Management Bureau Security Department Director, and the following position, starting from the first day of registration, making the hottest jobs in the Liao throne, as of 22 May 16, a total of 474 people through the audit, the competitive ratio 474:1. Although the competition is so fierce, but compared with the same period last year from the Liaoning Reserve Authority, the heat is not high. Last year, the most popular posts in the remaining two days after the arrival of a thousand miles pick a. The Liao position in the competition, second from Dalian airport entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of medical inspection as a clerk, the competitive ratio is 387:1, followed by the Dalian Entry-Exit Inspection Bureau Lushun Office Office of the staff, 364 people competing for one post. Reminder 9 -.相关的主题文章: