The crew filming campus students clashed with passers-by online denounce – Sohu news exposure of users "August Weiyang" crew disputes pictures morning news reporter Yin day ago, someone broke the news that the TV drama "August Weiyang" film crew in the East China University of political science and the school students take pictures during the conflict and beat each other to bleed. This morning, reporters call the propaganda of the party held a Kang Xi pictures of the responsible person, the other responded, the staff did not hit, but in pushing the process of each other and the other students are not on the ground, but passers-by. Outside the identity of someone who has also been confirmed in terms of Chinese government. But as the event continues to ferment the Internet, more and more students to the school crew launched the "denounce"…… Boys take pictures, the crew hit? The film side: just pushing each other by Rain and Victoria Song in the "August Weiyang" film crew in the East China University of politics and law. The day before yesterday evening, someone broke the news, in the way of school building before the West faming, because a passing student took a crew photo, staff and their conflict, and the other down on the floor, causing bleeding, man was pulled down immediately to the police. The second day, after the event was uploaded in micro-blog, many of the students claiming to be the school’s friends, was issued at the time of the onlookers photos and live knowledge, solidarity was beaten boy. Some netizens said: last night, I went to the scene, but stand very far, so take out the photos are very paste. The students were beaten on the third floor, I believe that the photos should be better than I should not go, up to just two people figure. Because of this hit is really unheard of, it is not only the crew with low reputation, to wipe the black white actors." Yesterday afternoon, the film side propaganda responsible person responded to this incident. She said that he was not at the scene, but she immediately understood the situation to the crew. At that time, the two sides did take a picture of the dispute, but the staff is in the dispute with each other in a physical contact with each other, and lead to the other side fell and bleeding, not a subjective willingness to attack. At the same time, the crew stationed in the University, has been taken to control the camera is not allowed to take measures to strictly control the outflow of live photos. After the incident, the two sides have been police, said the matter has been resolved. Students Tucao, intensified School: the crew apologize for pictures and text exposure from many users to the students, the so-called "incident" is a source of conflict between the crew and the students of the school. Many users Tucao said, although the summer vacation, but many students stay is in a critical period for the judicial examination, the crew during filming, not only left a lot of no one to clean up the garbage, occupy more students for classroom, "stuck in the doorway to the class the students pass, self-study of students being disturbed was expelled, canteens were also stopped don’t let the students have a meal, garbage thrown away on the grass at the roadside". However, the person in charge of the film side denied littering, in fact, the picture is not garbage we lost, but we are still in the layout of the scene." But she said that the future will improve the crew: after the shooting process will be more filling.相关的主题文章: