The cup cup FC Tokyo: recommended to win –   home court oath Sohu;       game time: 2016-11-09 Wednesday 18:00         asian handicap: 1.10 FC Tokyo -1.75 FC Honda 0.78         Europe Index: 1.25 6.50 9             Game Analysis:     Wednesday night on the imperial Cup fourth round game officially staged FC Tokyo as the day job joint door, this season the team record level with the relative decline, the second half ended, FC Tokyo only by 52 points in the overall standings in ninth place, the final no Super League, so the team can focus on the cup body, the FC Tokyo at home court must try to win FC; although Honda is an amateur team, but the team go all the way to fourth in the cup promotion way Circle, a lot of the strength of the team were defeated by the team at the foot, visible FC Honda’s absolute strength can not be underestimated, even in the face of the strong strength of FC Tokyo, the team probably will not have the slightest fear.             handicap interpretation:     mechanism to let the ball half ball chupan FC Tokyo, although in the early stage of universal higher institutions involved, but the ultra high water from the wall, hanging in the early to play difficult parameter bets, having capital inflows after hanging retreat to the ball half plate, the water level will decline to low water, it can be seen that the disk is consistent with the competition pattern, and Ou Zhizhu wins in 1.30 the following, his full confidence that the tournament promising FC Tokyo home court win.         2:0 3:1   score recommended:       half the recommendation: Ping Sheng     – the outcome;;     SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 3         SMG let the ball Shengping Fu (-1) recommended: 3相关的主题文章: