"Shaking" broken file October 21 Nicholas Tse Sean Lau Nicholas Tse Sean Lau in the dark without set off without running out of bureau of the October 21st movie "shaking broken" entertainment news by Nicholas Tse, the Tencent raging like a storm, Sean Lau Liyan Tong, Mavis Fan starred in the annual 3D action blockbuster "shaking broken" today released blockbuster "blockbuster puzzle" version of the poster and notice, officially announced that the film will be landing in theaters nationwide on October 21st. It is reported that this movie was originally scheduled for release in August 19th, but due to the line of the film preview after the courtyard full of confidence, so the film side decided to add 4DX to the film to postpone release version. The release of the fixed gear posters subject with silver tone, to create a sophisticated structure to build the city maze, the trailer of the latest exposure to terrorist attacks on shot cut, more drama also surfaced, "shaking the puzzle" triggered at any moment. In October 21st Nicholas Tse Sean Lau officially file without dark board film "shaking broken" by Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Liyan Tong, Mavis Fan, Gao Weiguang, swirling thinking starring Wilson Yip producer, directed by Wu Pinru, tells the story of the Hongkong homicide inspection Ma Jin (Nicholas Tse ornaments) and crime psychology expert Che Jiawei (Sean Lau ornaments) to break serial killer case story. This is Liu Xie, following the "bullet" disappeared, again after a lapse of four years of cooperation, awards two winner on the screen each Biao acting, partner Liyan Tong and Mavis Fan jointly staged a city without running out of time. The release of the fixed gear posters subject with silver tone, to create a sophisticated structure to build the city maze, stereo shape of a human heart, post industrial era aesthetics highlights the solemn atmosphere on the eve of running Su SA, the bottom right there is a bomb fuze is "Chi Chi" sparks jet. According to the multi role of a different attitude, preoccupied by some troubles. The release of the film to date electronic clock countdown show, the October 21st figure is very eye-catching, and "tipping" word revealed behind the serial killings, is a set millions of lives bomb plot. "Shock puzzle trailer to terrorist attacks shot straight cut documentary theme, more drama also surfaced. Nicholas Tse played the police horse into full tension, responsible go through fire and water on the battlefield, once confrontation with criminals is difficult, in front of the camera a few degrees of collapse; Sean Lau played Che Jiawei as stand in the perspective of God, he seems to be neither fast nor slow narrative behind the manipulation of the whole situation. In addition to the wonderful interpretation of the protagonists, the concept of memory cell technology, the Victoria Harbour at night under the dignity, seven board suspense, all of this without running add thick and heavy in colours a pen, in one fell swoop Hongkong into four smoke of the battlefield. Hongkong "new generation" of the first public power directed tube excellent and it is understood that the "shaking broken" is the first time Wu Pinru in leading a film director, he is the representative of Hongkong "new director" in recent years, with the same batch of director and directed "series" chills amazing Liang Lemin, Yiming Lu Jianqing, the new director is common in Hongkong movies work practice for many years, learning knowledge and experience in Johnny To, Tsui Hark and other famous director of the lead, and now finally.相关的主题文章: