The dinner guest "beast called Yi Xing" temptation to respond with Jia Ling "ambiguous" – Beijing posters in new network on 14 November, the reporter was informed that the net in "dinner temptation" eighth not only ushered in the return of the host Patty Hou, more "sees Patty Hou as a goddess, a lifelong dream is to sit on the side of the white goddess" guest with his partner, beast called Yi Xing coming. Show, Yi Xing breath disclosed his sexual orientation, and Wang Sicong’s "love", and Jia Ling’s "ambiguous" etc.. As a "serious dinner" Notice of pure network variety, "the temptation" for the Tencent dinner menu added a variety of video dishes. In the program, Ma Dong personally served as moderator, and Patty Hou "big monkey" at the dinner, invited each star, variety Master, web form 9 "strongest dinner group", talked about the truth at the dinner table, the Bureau in the battle of wits to kill a werewolf. And it is by virtue of the "wisdom lies feast of wits + werewolf link" crazy suction eye, leader of the whole network. To date, the program has exceeded 300 million, become this year’s arts network ring on new overlord. Tencent business video variety department general manager and vice president Ma Yankun Penguin television said: "in 2017, a series of flagship program programs, the audience orientation program, copyright gold orders the full force of the four areas, more than and 30 variety with more high-quality content and better platform, the whole network users, enhance the multi-dimensional lock of advertisers rate of return". (end)相关的主题文章: