The driver the car didn’t stop well posted more than and 10 Zhang Yin and Yang Fu (Figure) Ms. Zhu, 60 years old, lives in King Fangshui Xiang Yuan, the day before yesterday morning she bought food passing Jing Fang District, saw a lot of people around to see a car. "Oh, curse words put up cars are, like the dead paper, printed with the car, before and after the side are covered with. We’re all saying that it’s going to be too much, and it’s not good for a superstitious person to see that. Moreover, the car is parked in the parking spaces, but the two rear wheels accounted for next to the parking spaces, next to the car to move back, if the owner to see someone posted these words, it is necessary to fight the child came." Ms. Zhu said, sometimes her husband came back late no parking on the cross on the back of the car, people, and leave contact information, the second day early in the morning went to move the car in the parking space, "this thing, everyone will have to compromise key". A SUV posted more than and 10 pieces of yin and Yang was also struck a match body weapon two at 2 yesterday afternoon, I went from near the scene of the Fang Lu South Gate area, in a building downstairs, it was still! Residents passing by, have to look over here. This is a brand new Geely Bo SUV, things in the past one day, the car has been parked in the parking line, but the car is also attached to 7 yellow paper and a curse of white paper. Curse of the white paper, is torn from the medical records of the book, said, not educated! The next time (I) draw your car, probably feel where is wrong, then the "I" to the word off. There is a portrait of the yellow paper, there are two characters of "dragon", some people say that this is the Yin and Yang Fu, is said to have heard a Mingbi, with hair standing on end. A day of rain, the yellow paper glued on the front, on the window, some were torn off, with a yellow mark left on the body. Surrounded by a lot of uncle aunt in the chat, a call A Wei uncle said, he was found the day before yesterday morning, the car was put on mulolo paper, there are at least 15 or more. A match between yin and Yang, several uncle, they haven’t seen it, someone joked, this is the grave of dollars. A Wei said he is superstitious people understand, don’t know what this is. He took the character of yin and Yang, to find the gift shop near the South Gate of the boss, "you help me to study the meaning, had never seen a car stuck on." The boss here opened 27 stores, said, "I feel a little boring, doubt is a practical joke, to scare people, now no one will be able to get the Yin and Yang Fu, don’t go when things back, the open heart, if you’re driving the old thinking about this, it would really be out of things the……" The thought that this car was stuck with Yin and Yang is bad enough, unexpectedly, left the body, was also the weapon drew two road, a 1 meters long 2, another 60 cm long, the owner, this is really a double blow to the spirit and substance of the! There is a parking card on the Geely car with the owner’s name and telephone number on it.相关的主题文章: