The electricity supplier for "commodity is refers to the quality difference between supply shrink into open secret? Morning, investigation and fast to "double 11" business day of the carnival, a big wave of cheap promotional products already filled with hand chop party shopping cart, however, when consumers pay the deposit must be calm, to see the 77% off online promotional products are not designed for the electricity supplier". After a lot of people reflect to the Beijing morning post, he bought "is not a fake online, but it does’ shrink ‘electricity supplier for products". Beijing morning news reporter learned that the investigation, "for the electricity supplier and the store is really different products. Industry experts said that in order to avoid two channels online and offline profits of each stroke, many manufacturers for the electricity supplier channel sales "for a" common sense "has become the industry". At the same time, there is a part of the goods, such as cosmetics, diapers and other imports, mostly by dealers, there are genuine doped sell "situation, consumers should not blindly believe in online shopping" low price ", or to try to choose a large platform, goods than three, buy with caution. The phenomenon of "electricity supplier for" quality shrink Chen is one of the Master hundred-percent online shopping, large household appliances, small rice oil and salt, she is basically in the online shopping platform fix. Of course, in the process of shopping, she also often buy "for business models". The impression is the deepest in the Tmall mall to buy a toilet paper, the price is cheaper than the supermarket nearly half, a happy to buy two boxes. But after receiving the goods found that the quality of the supermarket than to sell a lot of shrink." Ms. Chen said, the electricity supplier for the toilet paper, each package price of only 19.8 yuan, but the supermarkets sell 30 yuan per pack. Buy back after she found out, feel obviously much lighter, thinner, and later she went to the supermarket to pay special volume ratio, the electricity supplier for "in a prominent position on the number of grams of a label, much lighter than the supermarket. The public Ms. Guo is also often on the Internet to buy high-end underwear and clothing, she also said that the online channel to buy the product, the quality of the shop than the counter to some. "It’s not a fake, but it’s obvious that you can feel the difference". Guo introduced, there are some differences in clothing online and offline in the old and new models, there are some quality is not the same. Once she was on a commercial website to buy a certain brand of cashmere warm clothing, promotional price is only seventy percent off stores, found after purchase, store content is 70%, the promotional products only 30% cashmere. When her negotiations with the owner, the customer service staff said, "this is specifically for the network, it will hit seventy percent off." The difference of supply has become an open secret investigation of the Beijing morning news reporter found in an electronic business platform, marking "electricity supplier for" commodity is really a lot of small, daily chemical products, clothing shoes and hats, large TV air conditioning and other household appliances. Beijing a clothing business manager Mr Cheng told reporters, "the company will according to the market distribution line under the two sales channels, such as new listings this year with a lady coat store containing 70% wool, wool 30%-50% may contain a business. And then the rent and labor costs are reduced相关的主题文章: