The famous Jingyuan lamb to Hangzhou, as well as linseed oil and ta- Sohu and Hangzhou’s continuous cooling, tell all who eat mutton: the chowhound! So, many from Gansu Lanzhou to have a bowl of chowhound let them dream of the soul led mutton soup, are in a hurry to get to a restaurant before, this shop is the main Yihe Tibetan incense, authentic Lanzhou delicacy, is northwest in Hangzhou a homesickness place. Steamed bowl of lamb meat is one of the signature dishes in the shop, since it is a signature dish, the people who eat more, why can arouse the commotion in Lanzhou? The boss of the history of the army, known as military uncle, he told me that he upgraded to Gansu Jingyuan lamb, steamed bowl is to achieve the ultimate lamb. Jingyuan lamb meat is delicious, is its unique sheep varieties, unique growth environment, unique processing method. Mutton exquisite delicate, usually use lamb meat, and in the selection of 12 tertiary to 18 pounds, not to eat the first grass lamb. Slaughter in the morning, at noon on the plane in the afternoon to the store. A bowl of steamed lamb meat made with exquisite workmanship, is a technical work piece, cut into 2.5 cm square, to the knife so that no bone residue, easy to taste, the soup is more concentrated. Then it is fried, fried meat must use sesame oil, in addition to a high nutritional value, linseed oil is one of: Northwest cuisine delicious, fried mutton with unique flavor. Unfortunately, flax long in the cold area, yield, oil yield is very low, so the sesame oil has not been popularized. Then add 20 kinds of natural herbs with a secret sauce for long stew, finally, and then into the steamer and steam for 40 minutes, the whole process lasted about 7 hours, in order to keep the soup is delicious, absolutely can not add water halfway. Steaming bowl of lamb meat surface drift with a layer of golden flower oil. I was just about to take off in the tertiary oil, said, don’t put off the oil, I would love to die, lamb suet is a treasure, but not greasy, can cough and phlegm, skim off the oil, not the essence. Listen to the military uncle was right, mutton soup to drink into the mouth not greasy scent. The military uncle also reminded to put some garlic bolt before drinking, not put coriander and vinegar, it will cover the smell of mutton, and have this effect of garlic bolt Titian, garlic bolt but every day flown in from Lanzhou. Steamed lamb meat bowl is really a well deserved reputation, tender delicious soup, no smell. The side edge of meat soup, indescribably beautiful, mutton soup can also soup, very delicious. If people in the northwest, it will break the cake to eat when the bubble broke. Army uncle said, soup must be finished, waste is too bad, the store is currently limited to 50 bowls a day, do not want to drink soup alone. If you can’t eat steamed lamb meat bowl, Yihe incense and other good, such as: Lanzhou beef noodles. The sale, Hangzhou Lanzhou can instantly popular circle of friends rush about telling the news around spreading. However, the army said that in Hangzhou, after all, a small number of people in the northwest, the store 50% of the guests are locals, the northwest is the 10%, the rest are tourists. Army uncle said he would not only make the northwest fellow satisfaction, but also to allow more people like Lanzhou flavor. The store’s ingredients are coming from the northwest every day. The flour with the Hexi Corridor in minqin.相关的主题文章: