The government of Hongkong will be gazetted public Zika virus infection of notifiable infectious diseases – Beijing, Beijing, February 2, according to the Hongkong SAR government website news, the Hongkong SAR government will be gazetted on the 5 day, the Zika virus infection as a statutory notifiable infectious diseases, the same date, to strengthen the monitoring of mosquito borne diseases. Gao Yongwen, director of the food and Health Bureau of Hongkong, chaired an inter departmental meeting 1 days ago to discuss with the Department of health, the Department of food and environmental hygiene and the hospital authority and medical experts. The latest risk assessment and prevention and control measures for the virus infection in Hongkong were carried out. At the joint briefing, Liang Tingxiong, director of the health protection center of the Department of health, said that the center had not recorded the case of human infection with the virus and did not find the main vector Aedes aegypti. However, other species of Aedes mosquitoes, such as the local Aedes albopictus, may also be vectors. He said that because of the frequent international tourism, the risk of the introduction of the virus into Hongkong has always existed. Patients may present symptoms after infection, but the virus in the short term will remain in the blood, such as the local Aedes albopictus bites, the virus will spread in Hongkong, 14 days that travellers from the affected area after returning to Hong Kong, even without symptoms, should also continue to use mosquito repellent, avoid white stripes mosquito bites, reduce the chance of spreading the virus in Hong kong. If pregnant women are not necessary, consideration should be given to delayed access to the areas where the virus continues to spread. The cross sectoral Coordinating Committee of mosquito borne diseases will hold a meeting on 5 th day to follow up mosquito control measures, and the HKSAR government will strengthen its notification to the mainland and Macao. The port health service has strengthened port health measures and reminded travellers of the risks through the tourism industry. Because the Zika virus will be through blood borne, the HA will postpone accepting in 28 days to Zika virus outbreak area people to donate blood, and will discuss with the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology formulate clinical guidelines for pregnant women.

香港政府将刊宪 民众感染寨卡病毒须呈报传染病-中新网   中新网2月2日电 据香港特区政府网站消息,香港特区政府5日将刊宪,将寨卡病毒感染列为法定须呈报传染病,同日生效,以加强监测这种蚊传疾病。   香港食物及卫生局局长高永文1日早主持跨部门会议,与卫生署、食物环境卫生署和医院管理局的代表及医学专家讨论,香港应对寨卡病毒感染的最新风险评估和防控措施。   卫生署卫生防护中心总监梁挺雄会后在联合简报会上表示,中心至今没有录得人类感染寨卡病毒个案,也没有发现主要病媒埃及伊蚊。然而,其他种类的伊蚊,如本地常见的白纹伊蚊也可能是病媒。   他说,由于国际旅游频繁,寨卡病毒传入香港的风险一直存在。患者感染后未必会出现病征,但病毒短期内仍会留在血液中,如再被本地白纹伊蚊叮咬,病毒会在香港传播,建议外游人士从受影响地区回港后14天内,即使没有病征 ,也应继续使用驱蚊剂,避免被白纹伊蚊叮咬,减低病毒在港传播的机会。怀孕妇女如非必要,应考虑延后到访寨卡病毒持续传播的地区。   蚊传疾病跨部门统筹委员会5日将召开会议,跟进控蚊措施,特区政府还会加强与内地和澳门的通报。港口卫生处已加强港口卫生措施,并透过旅游业界提醒旅客注意风险。   由于寨卡病毒也会透过血液传染,医管局会暂缓接受曾于28天内前往寨卡病毒爆发地区人士捐血,并会与妇产科专科学院商讨制订对孕妇的临床指引。相关的主题文章: