The guy stole 39 winning tickets to Beijing – in awarding an online news according to the Anhui daily news, September 15th is the Mid Autumn Festival, in the provincial capital large Ge Ren home markets sports lottery shop old fan alarm call, 39 lottery jackpot lottery clips in the record book in stolen, a total of more than 2.5 yuan the suspect is calm, after committing the crime of buying lottery VIP zhang. Zhang day in the city’s 5 lottery shop took 18 thousand yuan. The lottery shop owner built the WeChat group, we invariably talk about this matter, but it was a turning point in the Baohe police cracked the case. Found the stolen lottery old fan Baohe immediately alarm, the Public Security Bureau of Interpol three teams quickly involved in the investigation. The police combed the old fan to join a lottery shop owner WeChat group found in the afternoon, Zhang went to the road, ring road, Tongcheng 5 lottery shop awarding, total cash 28 lottery, a lottery shop owner hot reds". Investigators combed the night of the lottery shop surveillance video, locked the suspect whereabouts. According to the lottery shop owner to suspect Alipay transfer information, further confirmed the identity theft. September 16th, Zhang came to a sports lottery shop in Feidong, will be the remaining 11 winning lottery off, took more than 6000 yuan in cash. All this, in the eyes of the investigators. By talking with his father Zhang, we learned that the child is rebellious, but first, hope he can take the initiative to surrender." At the end of September, Zhang came to the Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade surrendered three baohe. Zhang explained, the mid autumn day, he was on the winning curve, a glimpse of a stack of old fan winning lottery ticket clip into the book, and put it into the unlocked drawer. In a moment he went upstairs to answer the phone, the heart of greed killed me." Zhang said, stole the ticket, went to the lottery shop Duijiang, he did not dare to call a taxi, fear of the police to get the money; later, he suddenly remembered the transfer records deleted Alipay, but it was too late. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that Zhang suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention by the police.相关的主题文章: