The Kevin Tsai movie "eat love", to defeat Lin Chiling Tencent studio entertainment news October 24th afternoon, the first directed tube Kevin Tsai in Taiwan held a media briefing on the outside for the first time disclosed his film "love to eat", and released five pieces of work according to site. The film is currently starring lineup exposure and Lin Chiling s only two female, in the shooting scene, the two "goddess" competing, not only with delicacy also compare popularity, the small s defeat. But these are not the true nature of small things, "Kangxi" s fit again, "large scale" still, various requirements with "intimate" drama, forcing Kevin Tsai shouted "card"! To Lin Chiling every day staged palace, the goddess of battle rages for the "eat love" is Kevin Tsai’s first film, he said that the film tells the story in a no hope on the girls to explore the story of hope, a movie starring s and Lin Chiling et al., but there are questions about modern drama in the movie is a costume drama again, Kevin Tsai did not answer, just say "eat love" is a "willful" film, so there will be some common sense does not comply with the state. At the same time, Kevin Tsai also to "report" of the two goddesses in the studio, to send something to the crew to give you to eat a small s and Lin Chiling has become a hot competition project, small drink Starbucks, Lin Chiling send small ginseng tea, please eat tempura, please let Lin Chiling eat Tofu pudding, every day almost all eat 7 meals. According to Kevin Tsai, Lin Chiling of the crew are to take care of, let everyone feel sweet, so that the entire cast of the mobile phone cover is replaced by the Lin Chiling, Kevin Tsai said with a smile "s should feel very stressful"! Yiyanbuge is racing, "Kangxi" still fit large scale "eat love" s is the first attempt to make a movie, talk about small scale for filming, Kevin Tsai said she was "the unrestrained small, very open." At the time of filming, s still continue to guide Cai requirements can be a little more "scale", Kevin Tsai only reluctantly said "my story is not very passionate that step!" In the shooting scene, her clothes off to completely comply with the plot scale, Kevin Tsai immediately stop, called to pick up small clothes, small and direct did not, "I prepare for so long to have the opportunity to show, how called card!" Kevin Tsai said, in the "Kangxi" (video) s often received during the film invited, but she did not dare to go, then s is afraid of going to a strange cast. After watching "sister hungry", Kevin Tsai said he was very pleased to see the small s has become more than the "Kangxi" to the period of strong. He said that after the movie, he said with a small s already dare to accept the challenge of other movies. "Your love" by the music studios in production, is expected to be released in 2017. Join Kevin Tsai and film music as co director adds force, 2017 single worth looking forward to.相关的主题文章: