The man suspected of drunk driving traffic police chased away and jumped into the river drowned the original title: man suspected of drunk driving traffic police chased away and jumped into the river drowned prosecutors have been involved in the investigation Beijing News News (reporter Ceng Jinqiu) yesterday at 1 pm, Sichuan Nanchong Yilong County Road two in the town, a man suspected of drunk driving traffic police was drowned in the river chased. Local police today announced that the prosecution has been involved in the investigation. Li Quanguo’s cousin, said Ms. Chen, 34 years old this year, in the local aluminum alloy building materials business to do business in. Around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Lee opened the van to go out to work, I do not know how it happened, was stopped by traffic police." Ms Chan said that when she was on the two floor of the house on the balcony to see the traffic police in the pursuit of Li Quanguo 4. The Li ran to a steep slope, so he jumped into the water. In the bushes to hide for a while, see the police did not leave, the Li River began to swim in the river, the central office accidentally drowned. Lee national workers also confirmed the matter to reporters. He said the morning and Li Quanguo worked at the boss’s house, three people together to eat lunch, drink some wine, "less than half two". The Li national saw the police during a roadside check, some fear, and then jumped off to escape, 4 traffic police chasing. See Lee national drowning, he tried to strip rescue, failed. Then they call 110. Yilong County Public Security Bureau released this morning informed that 12:50 on November 4th, Li Quanguo (male, 34 years old, Yilong County town of two people) driving Zhejiang AN7D98 van driving from Pengan county to Yilong County town of Renaissance direction, from the line to the Yilong County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron in the two revival town drunk driving campaigns about check point 5 meters suddenly abandoned the vehicle and ran into the street alley. The staff on duty after the discovery into the alley to see, the staff on duty came to an end about 8 meters deep lane, Li Quanguo had been found in the alley under the two river and central to swim, swim to have signs of sinking in the distance across the river about 3 meters, the staff on duty with the nearby masses immediately for rescue, but without success. At 13:40 on the same day, rescue personnel will be Lee national salvage ashore, after a doctor, Lee has no vital signs. Currently, Yilong County People’s Procuratorate has been involved in the incident investigation. Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: