The market value of several Alibaba summit "Asia’s first recycling Alibaba" view the latest market Alibaba Friday closing stocks data of September 17th Beijing time as of Friday afternoon news, U.S. stocks closed group Alibaba (Stock Code: BABA) on the NYSE stock price rose 0.18%, the closing price of $104.64, market capitalization of $266 billion 413 million. This top Alibaba all Asian market capitalization of Listed Companies in the first. Ten years from the core to the layout, electricity providers, payment and other financial data, cloud computing, big entertainment, intelligent logistics network, Ali in the ten years of "recycling" several Alibaba. The disclosure from the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 earnings data can be seen, the electricity supplier Ali is still the bulk of revenues, but most investors is concerned about cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation project is defined as "the new three engine". The three plate core than the electricity supplier, embodies the Ma Ali business "tracked forward" plan, namely its business in turn lead, according to the plan: 2017-2019, now has a $60 billion valuation ant gold suit 2019-2021 is lead; over the years 2021 -2024 Ali cloud; will pick the first rookie. To repair the roof in sunny days, Ali has exceeded the concept of electricity supplier companies. Through big data, cloud computing, logistics, payment and financial cultural entertainment, Taobao and a series of rural layout Ali initially with the provider of Internet infrastructure to the business community, and to upgrade the overall capacity of business forms. As the poles of China’s Internet layout, Ali and Tencent are moving along two different paths. Ali focused on business infrastructure and ecological construction, and Tencent choose to use the best game business to complete the realization of social and media content. Tencent earnings in the two quarter is the most eye-catching game revenue, according to Ma Huateng’s own statement: the layout of the global hand tour, which is our main business". Its online game revenue grew 32% to $17 billion 124 million, accounting for the largest proportion of all revenues in the business; hand travel revenue of about $9 billion 600 million, an increase of 114%, the growth rate is far more than other businesses. Ali positioned his future as a driving force for big data and Internet business to build infrastructure, and upgraded to become a global Internet business form of pure Internet Co. This goal can be achieved by early September this year during the period of G20 to eWTP (MA initiative global e-commerce platform) see. EWTP was eventually written into the G20 bulletin, WTO director general Azevedo visited the Hangzhou Park in Xixi, Alibaba, when facing the expression of the hope that the joint efforts to upgrade the rules of international trade. According to Ma’s formulation, Ali has been focusing on global goals for the future: "survival, growth and development of the platform for the ten million companies to create one hundred million jobs for the world, for the world’s two billion consumer services".相关的主题文章: