The Ministry of public security pushed 28 measures to solve the problem: the new measures of the Ministry of public security strive to solve the "wonderful proof", the Beijing News (reporter Wang Mengyao) in the future, the people will work more and more convenient. Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Security launched 28 measures to facilitate the masses to do business, which mentioned that efforts should be made to solve the masses of the "wonderful proof" and the excessive proof of the problem. It is reported that the 28 measures launched by the Ministry of public security involved streamlining the masses, providing proofs, streamlining and optimizing the mass handling procedures, making the masses work less, running errands without running errands, providing the masses with the "one-stop" comprehensive service, etc.. The Ministry of public security requires all 28 measures to be put to the ground before the end of 2017. The police department will be condemnation, refined and specific measures to promote the implementation of a clear timetable and roadmap. The local public security organs should combine the local conditions and do the docking one by one to ensure that each measure can be implemented to the "last mile"". To solve the "wonderful proof" provide evidence in streamlining the masses, the Ministry of public security is proposed to coordinate the relevant departments to formulate standard attestation police work, focus on solving the "wonderful proof" and that excessive problem. In conjunction with the relevant departments to organize the implementation of the national population base information library project, according to the law and government departments to achieve information sharing, to facilitate the mass work to provide data support; to reduce some of the fire examination and approval declaration materials. "Wonderful proof" has been paid attention to. Earlier media reports, the public transfer accounts to prove that "my father is my father", in the bank exchange canbi to prove that "the mouse bite", a restaurant licence to do youth entrepreneurship to issue "is not a nuisance to prove. The implementation of the rural motorcycle "with brand marketing" in the simplified optimization procedures including the masses, study and formulate the process specification account, identity cards, improve the use of information systems for matters related to the ability and efficiency; to strengthen the self inspection of the port channel construction, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, simplified Chinese nationals of the vehicle entry and exit procedures; implementation of motorcycle "brand sales in rural or remote areas. In 2014, the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the circular on strengthening the production and registration of small and micro vans, motorcycles, which requires the gradual implementation of "motorcycle" brand sales in rural areas". Media reports said that the current rural areas to drive motorcycles without wearing helmets, unlicensed and other phenomena are more common. Motorcycle new car registration card rate is low, unlicensed unlicensed road traffic violations occur frequently, hit and run, bicycle robbery and other cases have occurred, detection is difficult. A minor traffic accident in the online processing so that the masses do not run errands less errands, including the use of mobile terminals and Internet technology, promote the minor online dealing with traffic accidents; promote the driver examination service to the county-level decentralization, extension; release of large and medium-sized vans driving license to apply for different restrictions, allowing nationwide land for the renewal of all the vehicle driving license the implementation of remote provinces, pay traffic violation fines; promote the fire fire related issues online for administrative license and filing, online reporting 6

公安部推28项措施力求解决奇葩证明问题   原标题:公安部新举措力求解决“奇葩证明”   新京报讯 (记者王梦遥)今后,老百姓办事将会越来越便利。昨日,公安部推出了方便群众办事创业的28项措施,其中提到,要着力解决群众反映的“奇葩证明”和证明过多过滥的问题。   据悉,公安部此次集中推出的28项措施,涉及精简群众办事提供证明材料、简化优化群众办事程序、让群众办事少跑腿不跑腿、提供群众办事“一站式”综合服务等方面。   公安部要求,所有28项措施要在2017年年底前全部落地。各警种部门要一一对号入座、逐项细化具体措施,明确推进落实的时间表、路线图。各地公安机关要结合本地实际、逐一做好对接,确保每项措施都能落实到“最后一公里”。   解决“奇葩证明”问题   在精简群众办事提供证明材料方面,公安部提出要协调有关部门研究制定规范派出所开具证明的工作意见,着力解决群众反映的“奇葩证明”和证明过多过滥问题。   会同有关部门组织实施国家人口基础信息库项目,依法与政务部门实现信息共享,为方便群众办事提供数据支撑;减少部分消防审批申报材料等。   “奇葩证明”一直受到关注。此前有媒体报道,市民迁户口要证明“我爸是我爸”、在银行兑换残币要证明“是老鼠咬的”、青年创业开饭店办执照要出具“不扰民”证明等。   推行农村摩托车“带牌销售”   在简化优化群众办事程序方面,包括研究制定办理户口、居民身份证工作规范,提高使用信息系统办理相关事项的能力和效率;加强自助查验通道建设,提升口岸通关效率,简化中国籍车辆出入境手续;在农村或偏远地区推行摩托车“带牌销售”等。   2014年,工信部、公安部曾联合下发《关于加强小微型面包车、摩托车生产和登记管理工作的通知》,其中要求在农村地区逐步推行摩托车“带牌销售”。   媒体报道称,目前农村地区驾驶摩托车不戴安全头盔、无牌无证等现象比较普遍。摩托车新车登记上牌率低,无牌无证上路行驶交通违法多发,肇事逃逸、骑车抢夺等案件时有发生,侦破难度大。   轻微交通事故网上处理   在让群众办事少跑腿不跑腿方面,包括利用移动终端和互联网技术,推进轻微交通事故网上处理;推进驾驶人考试业务向县级下放、延伸;放开大中型客货车驾驶证异地申领限制,允许在全国范围异地补换领所有车型驾驶证,实行跨省异地缴纳交通违法罚款;推进消防事项网上办理,相关消防行政许可和备案网上申报等。   去年12月和今年2月,公安部联合多部门两次推出驾考改革措施及配套措施,其中提到所有车型驾驶证将可以异地申请、异地考试。   对于轻微交通事故网上处理,记者了解到,浙江一些地方从去年开始已经实施。   行政审批将推行受理单制度   在提供群众办事“一站式”综合服务方面,包括对行政审批事项逐项研究编制服务指南,推行受理单制度和办理时限承诺制。   日前据媒体报道,福建等地将在行政审批中推行受理单制度,实行办理时限承诺制。所谓的受理单制度就是对申请材料符合规定的即办事项当场办结,承诺事项要当场受理并出具受理单。   公安部此次还规定,无论是城市还是农村,实现道路交通事故快速处理和保险理赔“一站式”服务;建立网页、手机APP、短信、语音电话多种方式相结合,系统化、全覆盖的交通安全综合服务管理体系;全面推广应用全国互联网站安全管理服务平台等。 责任编辑:孙爱林 SN146相关的主题文章: