The old man picked up the bird egg home hatched two animal protection was fined 500 yuan – Beijing is classified as "chicken" in the police for the picture of an old man mountain sheep, found two eggs of unknown source or origin in the grass, then let the family home hen to hatch. Unexpectedly, he hatched a two national protected animal — Silver pheasant. As a result, because they did not apply for breeding license, the old man was fined. In May this year at the beginning of the morning, the old man Zhang Pu’er City, Jingdong County Wen Jing Zhen to catch a sheep to put up the hill. Passing through the grass under a tree, vaguely see two white things in the grass. When he opens the grass beside, surprise — which lay two eggs, egg size and almost. Then, he took the egg Chuai home in the body, put in the home nest together to make the hen hatched. A few days later, one of the eggs was moved, and the broken shell was a bird that looked like a chicken. Zhang old man thought it was a chicken, then put it at home. After more than 4 months of breeding, the "chicken" the longer the feet and face began to turn red, with a large difference between the domestic chicken. The strange bird did not escape the curious eyes of the people around him. October 30th, Jingdong County Forest Public Security Bureau forest police station received a report with the villagers Zhang old man, came home to see the old man. After identification, the animal is a chicken, named Silver Pheasant (Xian), mainly distributed in South and Southeast Asia China, belonging to the two national animal protection. Because Zhang did not do the old man breeding license, domesticated wild animals is illegal. After some education, he turned to the police handling of the. According to the relevant provisions of the County Public Security Bureau police station, Jingdong forest forest fined 500 yuan to zhang. Yesterday, the police came to the Wuliangshan National Nature Reserve, released the silver pheasant. Reporter Zhou Tingting correspondent Jiang Guishou city times of the city of China,相关的主题文章: