The old man walks a sudden stroke of Chengdu good driver escort family members to post the elderly walk to sudden stroke of Chengdu good driver escorted 24 on the evening of 10, Wang Yumei in the Sina micro-blog post, a detailed account of the mother’s sudden illness, a good brother escort. 21 evening about 7:15, her mother in Chengdu Lido road walk, suddenly fainted, after the diagnosis of sudden cerebral hemorrhage. After the onset of the elderly, Wang Yumei’s sister received a phone call from his father, quickly hit a car, rushed to the Lido road. Because the old father is old, her sister and son, small, limited physical strength. In the process of carrying the mother to the hospital, the unknown brother, has been "dinglixiangzhu". She said micro-blog, mother too heavy handling difficult, is the kind of brother initiative to help her mother to her car. In the hospital during the mother, a lot of vomiting, but the brother had no complaint, no hurry, until his mother moved on the emergency treatment of the car, into the resuscitation room. At that time the elderly critical, she did not have time to pay the remuneration due to the master, did not leave the phone, but the nephew with a cell phone, photographed under the license plate number. Wang Yumei said, this kind of brother to the family moved, the 24 day is Thanksgiving, she wanted to release micro-blog, find the kind of brother, and personally thank.相关的主题文章: