After the old man was introduced in the bank to buy insurance six years after the deposit is not as low as the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: Gansu net China   original title: go to the bank deposit insurance was introduced after six years old said income is less than the deposit: Gansu branch of China Construction Bank will coordinate with the insurance company on the matter for processing certificate photo by Ouyang Haijie China Gansu network September 26th news according to Western Daily reported (reporter Ouyang Haijie) the customer to the bank to deposit the staff recommended that, deposit into investment insurance, too numerous to mention. Living in Jiayuguan East Road, Mr. Zhang Siwen also encountered such a thing, the acquaintance of the introduction, within six months, Zhang Fu three times will be handled by the insurance and financial products for 130 thousand yuan. In September 11th, the original has a period of 6 years of financial products has expired, but the benefits are not recommended by the bank staff had high earnings, more than bank deposit interest income, he had a feeling of being cheated. September 21st, Mr. Zhang call our news hotline 8119000, reflecting the financial insurance he had handled things. Complaints to bank deposits has bought insurance income is less than the deposit "Zhang Siwen said his 80 year old, in recent days because of a financial insurance business, the bank has to run four or five times, are not handled well, a worry, some get angry. Zhang Siwen deposit business is in the Construction Bank (601939, stock it) Jiayuguan East Road branch outlets, and his wife’s wages are folded construction bank, to the number of times, people are familiar with." Zhang Siwen said, he went to the bank to transact business, a staff has been very enthusiastic (remember the name), often busy to help him. In September 11, 2010, he wanted to do a deposit of 60 thousand yuan, the staff said that the bank fixed income is not high, China Life Hongying endowment insurance for a life-insurance company to recommend him China "(Bonus) financial products, and income is much higher than bank deposit. Zhang Siwen a little hesitation, his age, and do not know whether the insurance business. The staff suggested that, in order to be on the safe side, in the name of his wife, Yue Xiuying, his wife aged 5 years younger than him. Then, in the staff’s help, his one-time deposit 60 thousand yuan, for a period of 6 years of financial insurance. In October 12th of that year, to persuade the staff, a gentle to spend 50 thousand yuan, still in the name of Yue Xiuying for a "China Life Hongying endowment insurance (participating)" financial insurance. Insurance is not only a financial guarantee, there are certain dividends, higher income." Zhang Siwen said the old, also believes that the bank’s staff, in March 2nd the following year, he took out 20 thousand yuan for a "China xinhongtai endowment insurance (participating) financial products, but this is handled in its own name," the bank staff said that the policy changes, the financial products of the age limit." That year, he was 74 years old.相关的主题文章: