The perfect car to let the car inventory lead limelight movie lead: in today’s film industry, the automobile plays an important role. The film can drag racing scenes to nervous scene, also can through the car to show the background of the story, but also through the leading choice of car from the side of the character’s image display. (source: YOKA men) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Similarly, the film has a profound impact on car sales. In a classic film, become the protagonist of the perfect car, and even in the limelight, will enhance the "auto actor" influence greatly. Let us look at the following models which have a stunning performance in the film. "Transformers" Chevrolet Ke Mailuo "Transformers" is a large number of car scenes in the movie, the movie car can find their prototype in real life. Although the film brings together a number of classic models, but the absolute protagonist is none other than the non Chevrolet automobile Kemailuo, yellow coating and bumblebee Comay Luo classic image is also quite consistent with. Especially when Ke Mailuo by a tattered second-hand car, in "Battle without honor or humanity" music into the most sonorous and forceful new scenes, not only shocked the heroine, also captured a lot of fans, this is equivalent to tailor-made for Ke Mailuo a small trailer. "Gone in 60 seconds": Ford Mustang Ford Mustang has a very sacred place in the hearts of the people of America, it has witnessed two generations or even three generations have sports history. By Ford Mustang movie innumerable, is the most classical one, also shows the importance of the Mustang film, "gone in 60 seconds" is one of them. In the film, played by Nicolas Cage, the car thieves have been threatened in a day to steal enough 50 cars, the skilled thieves have to start this crazy action. From the beginning of the film, Cage’s mouth always talking about a classic sports car, that is the 1967 Mustang GT500 Eleanor, at the end of the film by the protagonist that the Mustang has become a thrilling chase drama film in the history of the classic. The "taxi": the Peugeot 407 "taxi" is a typical French action comedy film by Luc Besson wrote and produced the film is famous for a large number of car chase scene. In the movie that we smile at the same time, the protagonist driving a taxi car full of praise, Pegasus star function and excellent driving technology is also impressive. The taxi driving by the protagonist is a symbol of the 407 three car models, the car is the car abnormal ordinary family car, and not too strong dynamic performance, just after the protagonist of the tune, and the film art rendering, has become a god car equal to anything. "Cars": Dodge Viper "racing story" is produced by Pixar Animation factory, and by Disney in the 2006 issue of the e computer animation相关的主题文章: