The rumor! Hangzhou housing taxes to increase? No such thing happened today (September 23rd), in addition to intime martial arts a lot of people in the queue outside Hangzhou and grab half price Adidas, several places in the queue – ping Hai building, the Civic Center, Binjiang District Jiangnan business hall "deed tax paid", a lot of people get together for the payment. Get together with a tax, from the "roadside" news: "the housing estate to rise!" Recently, a number of forums, some people to ask the tone of the post: rumors verification, Hangzhou deed to enhance tomorrow? Do you know the inside story?" In some intermediary SMS, rumor becomes: "with certainty the use value of the house two days this hurry to buy it! After two days to raise taxes!" Reporters to verify the relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the other told this reporter: there has been no evidence of any increase in real estate taxes. The current deed tax policy, in February 22nd this year by the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of housing, urban and rural construction three departments jointly issued a document to adjust. For the individual purchase of single family housing (family members include the purchase, the spouse and minor children), an area of 90 square meters and below, at a reduced rate of 1% levy taxes; area of 90 square meters, at a reduced rate of 1.5% levy taxes; the purchase of second sets of family housing improvement to individuals. An area of 90 square meters and below, at a reduced rate of 1% levy taxes; area of 90 square meters, at a reduced rate of 2% levy taxes. In addition to the media rumors, there is an important reason is that the next 2 weeks, because the tax system upgrade, the province will suspend the deed tax. Notice of the Local Taxation Bureau of Zhejiang province said, to suspend the business processing time is September 26, 2016 00:00 to October 8th 8:30, in addition to tax consultation, the province’s rent tax service hall (including the tax self-service terminal), and place the tax online tax system in the tax administrative service center window, open invoices, commission agent sign units will be suspended for business. The tax invoice verification, customs import VAT payment book collection, VAT invoices and billing upgrades since the open data upload, open network invoice and other online business is still handled properly. In other words, on Saturday, September 24th to start in October 7th, can not handle the deed tax. Anyway, it is necessary to do deed tax, do as early as late. Even if it does not increase, in the event of a sudden increase in the future, but the difference of tens of thousands of it." Hangzhou citizen Ms. Xia has just bought a set of 166 square, 4 million 150 thousand "first", according to the current policy, the deed tax is 62 thousand yuan. Her argument, in fact, in the majority of people queuing to do the deed.相关的主题文章: