The Scrin Juxin: their government in its place as its duty to do their duty, to find a way to invest in good teachers and friends confused Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Scrin Juxin: their government in its place as its duty to do their duty, to find a way to invest in a good teacher and confused my friends as an analyst has done so many years of investment. Like last week’s market, I have experienced many times. I can guess your mind eight or nine not to leave the ten. Don’t resent the market, don’t blame yourself. Do investment, is to profit, but also the purpose of our investment, I understand. But you lose money, the reason is very simple, you want to win in this market. The world did not always happen to you by my side. The desire of profit is too strong, can let your state of mind change imperceptibly. You are doing a single subjective idea is too strong, you always want to go into the market in accordance with your own ideas to go. How is it possible that the market who can not control. Do you have to do a rational analysis of the single. If you don’t understand. Did your teacher explain why he did it? If not, how could he be a competent teacher?. In this dangerous investment market. How much do you know? Don’t understand. You have to rely on the teacher. But the teacher does not tell you what is the reason for each single to do, with a single will not only control the risk of a single teacher. Are you really so relieved?. Why lose money. You’re so impatient? Want to know to invest in yourself for what? I always tell my clients the first sentence. That is, our teacher is just a reference to you, do not rely too much on us, we are people, not God is wrong. You make investments. You should understand some simple technical analysis. Money is never so simple, how can there be such a good money market. You put money in the analyst to help you analyze the guidance to make money. To win the market, even if it is also a small win win win a follow the teacher to do a single, is to let him understand the market to understand the market. When you can understand and analyze the market independently. Is it hard to make money? What I’m trying to say is. Let yourself calm down. Even if it’s a loss. Don’t worry。 Because you still want to win and win the market. Urgent, there is only one result. More loss more. I recently encountered a customer is really very hard very hard, 100 thousand hard money saved for many years, just a few days to lose when I can do There is not much left., find the amount of money in one hand, what do you want from me, did not cover the opportunity. I really don’t want to see such a thing. Listen to the customer told me his bitterness. At least I think you’ve forgotten the analyst’s job. When the customer calls your teacher, we need to understand where we are. But to the right of their own responsibility. I know a lot of analysts can see my post. Otherwise, the market will not have so many people contact me. A little thought I was said to you who you can do on the right?相关的主题文章: