The season ended in Hong Kong Shenhua Shenhua ranked three or four in 6 years to return to the AFC Champions League last night, 2016 in the final round of the season had started 8 games at the same time, compared with the relegation battle, Shanghai super two Hong Kong Shenhua and fight the war of 3 equally high-profile, eventually, with Wu Lei and aierkesen play together Shanghai, Hong Kong 3-1 beat Hebei Huaxia happiness, lock third league, Shenhua lost 0-1 away Changchun Yatai, harvest League fourth. For more information about the game in Hong Kong, let’s listen to the report. With 80000 presided over the scene cry, Hong Kong with a victory, the end of the Super League this season. Get next year to achieve the goal of making AFC Champions League qualification, the league’s third season, this result for the port, and then successfully. However, after the game, coach Erickson said: "happy Eriksson: is it a very good ending of the war, we once again kicked AFC Champions League League, very happy. The first time we scored in the AFC Champions League, AFC Champions League 8 strong this year, very happy this season we have second times to obtain the next season in the AFC Champions League qualifications, and only need to play in a playoff, this is a good result. Review of the performance of the season in Hong Kong, it is not difficult to find, there are surprises, there are ups and downs, how to look at the gains and losses this season? Erickson tells his voice: [Eriksson 02: I am very satisfied with many aspects, but in the foreign aid injuries, this is not our lucky day, including the first Ji’an, after the arrival of the Hulk is injured, then Conca injured, El Eriksson also occasionally have small injuries, injured during the state and level of foreign aid, Chinese the players continue to improve, become one of the key reasons we have today achievement. As Erickson mentioned, when the bench thickness criticized, when strong foreign aid have hurt, to domestic players, so the team has the initiative, as Wu Lei is already the fourth time won the top scorer of the native title, and Shi Ke, Fu Huan is at the back end, made several contributions to the team these have become the key to the team to accomplish the goal! After the game, Yu Hai and Shi Ke are invariably referred to this is no competition: [Yu Hai: AFC Champions League, FA Cup, league, national team, 3, 4 in the line, is a challenge to the players, I believe that next year’s maturity, experience has improved, we can! [] Shi Ke: this season, everyone is not easy, depth, lack of resources, a few lines of combat, great physical exertion, through our efforts, the result is good! When the game ended, the port group party secretary, chairman Chen Xuyuan came to the locker room, ahead of the next season, said the goal is to win the championship"! In this regard, the team coach Erickson agrees: [Eriksson 03: "I would like to say to your boss in this way, our team continues to grow and progress, our next season, if the foreign aid injuries and so on go better, with the League development, sooner or later we will have won the super League champions one day, why don’t we go the pursuit of the championship? This season’s super curtain has been pulled, a review.相关的主题文章: