Research shows that: 4 days work more conducive to health (Bilingual) If we all worked a four-day week and enjoyed a Bank Holiday-style – three-day weekend – every week, the world might be a better place. if we can have to work four days a week, three days off treatment, then the world will be better. " We’d be healthier, happier probably not that much – and worse off." according to a City University; Sociology expert writing for The Conversation. "we will be more healthy and happy, and don’t make it worse." – a sociology expert from City University said in an interview with the The Conversation website. An experiment in Utah in state employees working a 2007 saw four-day week with extended hours and the state saw a – reduction of 12000 tons of CO2 per year. in 2007, the U.S. state of Utah conducted an experiment to observe state workers 4 days a week and a few hours of. The results show that such a working mechanism helps to reduce 12000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. A Swedish study found that workers on reduced hours were happier – and in, some cases, more productive. in addition to a Swedish study found that employees work time is reduced, will make them happier and more in some cases of creativity. Alex Williams City University London says, " There would other too. Working less improve elusive " benefits; work life balance" and help r of clean; the would to相关的主题文章: