The technology is in full bloom, see Baidu how to do the real financial financial technology – Sohu technology annual Baidu World Conference, is Baidu technology Showtime. The theme of this year "AI is the new Electricity", has declared the importance of artificial intelligence in the Baidu system. In this meeting, in addition to the technology itself, the application layer is also a spectacle. Set up nearly a year, Baidu financial momentum is fierce, given the typical scenes — a financial application, said senior vice president of Baidu, Baidu financial head of Zhu Guang, the four aspects of artificial intelligence, image recognition, speech recognition, Natural Language Processing, the user portrait, the best scenes in the financial application. Baidu finance also gives a clear positioning to do FinTech (financial technology). The research of Zhang Xuyang and Huang Shuang two vice president, Baidu Finance responsible Shen shake all talk about how Baidu finance financial technology, why do financial technology, how, what to do, what will bring? We have a look. Financial needs of a new technology in the industrial revolution in fact why do financial technology, from the industry level, it is well understood that the ultimate problem of technical solutions – to improve efficiency. The financial industry has a long history, the original financial can be traced back to the origin of human civilization. And the central bank as the representative of the modern financial system, but also before the industrial revolution. There have been several revolutions in the industrial revolution, the steam engine revolution, the revolution of the internal combustion engine, the third industrial revolution brought by the information technology, and now the industry is the 4. Although the financial sector is also trying to follow the times, but many of the links are still stuck in agriculture, handicraft era. Now the background data bank has computer processing, but the answer is still in the cabinet teller doing 100 years ago, years ago, the bank teller same work. Users still have to fill out a lot of cumbersome forms to handle business. When a teller still needs to face signed certification. Most banks do not know the majority of customers, in addition to the credit system, all the information is still dependent on the bank to fill in various forms. Bank credit to customers from the management of the user to fill in the information to determine and verify the client manager, layers of approval of the management staff are consuming a lot of energy. That’s not much better than it was years ago. To get business, some financial institutions even in streets and lanes as stall, street hawkers sell financial products, insurance. Financial institutions do not know who is the target user, nor the right product recommendation to target users through the effective way, the street stall is simply the agricultural age was off mode. In the era of science and technology, the Internet era, a large number of financial services are still in prehistoric times, and 100 years ago or even no difference, it is extremely absurd. The reason for this is the technical bottleneck. Compared with the previous years, the financial industry has made more progress in data management and computing. The current mainstream technology used in the financial industry is not strong enough to change the traditional business model. The financial industry needs a revolution in financial technology. Baidu financial technology is the possibility of a Baidu.相关的主题文章: