The ten Chinese Film Festival will be held "Grandpa Christina 38" as the opening film – "Grandpa entertainment Sohu Christina 38" movie "Grandpa Christina 38" Shenzhen University brain wave testing field viewing activities of     Sohu entertainment news 2016 Chinese Film Festival in Shenzhen and the fourth session of the "Shi Dahua awards ceremony held recently in the language of film, decompression comedy" Grandpa Christina 38 "as the opening film, in October 27th held a special screenings –" brain decompression concert "at the Shenzhen University, with a precision scientific brain wave test instrument monitoring the audience in the process of viewing the EEG wave values, with professional data prove the film" decompression "effect. At the same time, the creative warm heart as representatives to attend the awards ceremony and the red carpet, returned to his alma mater interaction with Shidishimei, talking about the shooting experience.     "Grandpa Christina 38" decompression effect to immerse the audience laugh and laugh with the plot     in front of the viewing audience are wearing the most advanced brain wave test instrument, the instrument can accurately detect brain activity and blood pressure, through a series of body index judging body pressure value. After viewing the end, the data analyst said that in the "Grandpa Christina 38" during the show, the audience relax brain index and attention is proportional to the concentration is very high, the joy of feeling is very strong, so obvious decompression effect of film. Analysts also said that the real data are confidential, need to be released next month at the beginning of the premiere collection, students, white-collar workers and other occupation field audience sample data during this period will also generate real, viewing population pressure white paper convincing.     in the film Tong Dawei’s heart warm heart "goddess" attended the meeting after the video, as the sister graduated from the Shenzhen University, said more cordial warm heart to return to his alma mater. When asked to play Tong Dawei’s feelings, praising God warm heart play foot and nice, a broth filled the scene early in the morning to shoot, others look greasy feel, Tong Dawei Haowuyuanyan professional. Finally, Wen Xin said, "Grandpa Christina 38" magic pressure greatly beyond imagination, in the double eleven day I hope you can laugh and laugh at the same time also can buy buy buy.     magic brain laugh to go to the heart of the next wave of decompression station Beijing    , after the end of the viewing, many of the students wearing a brain wave tester, Shenzhen University, the students asked to speak about the inner feelings. In the movie, the 38 year old Tong Dawei Grandpa promotion, as the goddess Tong Dawei hard in pursuit of the film, Wen Xin said he "logical to become the youngest grandmother" in this regard, the scene mentees have said "Grandpa" handsome many gold nice talented, 38 years old when a grandmother is worth more. And "daughter" and "grandson" super adorable to burst".     the head teacher of the University of Wen Xin also came to the scene of the viewing activities, and in the film after the sincerity to send blessings to the film. The teacher proudly pointed to the orange T-shirt on his body and said, "I put on an orange dress today.相关的主题文章: