The "Tiangong two" core components is our Shandong Yantai made "Tiangong two" is the two step of China manned space engineering phase of the first two aircraft, is the first real space laboratory, it will be with the "Shenzhou eleven" manned spacecraft and the "day boat one cargo spacecraft rendezvous and docking, and Co carry astronauts in orbit maintenance tasks, medium-term stay test task, additional task propellant in orbit, and a series of scientific experiments, application of space space medical experiments, space station technology verification task, build a space for the third step ahead to carry out the relevant technical verification station. Yesterday afternoon, reporters from China Aerospace five to 513, as an important research unit of China’s aerospace industry electronic single products, 513 are involved in all types of manned space engineering development task. The Tiangong two aircraft, a total of 513 bear space laboratory heat control, data management, instrument lighting and space technology test, ECLSS, medical monitoring, communications and control of 7 subsystems in 60 sets of product development and production tasks. Many core computers to create the strongest brain computer is a system of the brain, the spacecraft is no exception. As the 513 "fist product", the satellite computer products have been successfully applied to the key satellite projects such as manned space flight, navigation, remote sensing and communication. In the Temple No. two, 513 computer products in the application of thermal control, instrument lighting and space technology test of multiple subsystems, as "The Brain", to guarantee the normal operation of the system. The instrument controller is China’s first PowerPC for high performance computer space, the computer is the core of Tiangong two target aircraft instrument lighting system; thermal control system control unit, temperature controller and other equipment is the spacecraft "space air conditioning" an important part of the equivalent thermal control system of the central nervous system. The 513 general-purpose computer is the core computer of the space technology test subsystem, which provides the on orbit verification and technical accumulation for the maintenance of the space station. Medical experimental products make the health of astronauts work Tiangong two medical monitoring system, 513 developed a number of products, including for the study of cerebral blood flow, eye loss experimental device physiological effects of I and cell culture experiments in weightlessness physiological effect device II, and belongs to the astronaut fitness — instrument against bone loss, the astronaut health workers — noninvasive heart function measuring instrument for the protection of the health of astronauts work; information transmission device and video converter can realize information between products and video conversion and control. Environmental control products for astronauts to create a livable environment in the Tiangong two aircraft, 513 environmental control products Taiwan development will be to protect the safety of the astronauts played an important role. Among them, the environmental control controller is used to control the signal receiving subsystem, control of ECLSS system in a variety of target aircraft fan, motor and other components; control loop detection device is ECLSS for cabin control computer is the control center, effectively ensure the safety of astronauts in the cabin resources environmental control and life support system; two oxygen)相关的主题文章: