The United States investment group comments love bee: fresh electricity supplier community to live? Guo Mengyi in the capital under the cold, suffered layoffs crisis after the love bee ushered in the D round of financing. November 4th love bee announced the acquisition of investment from the United States Mission comments, but the two sides did not disclose the specific amount of financing, only that the two sides will cooperate in the field of real-time delivery services O2O community. Love bee founder Zhang win in the China business reporter, pointed out that the love of fresh bees will improve the degree of refinement through this round of financing to improve the supply chain’s gross margin and logistics efficiency. However, insiders believe that the community needs of O2O is too weak, relatively high operating costs, compared with the traditional community convenience store has no obvious advantages, can not do. The love of fresh bee after the United States mission to comment on investment, or more difficult to maintain independent development. U.S. mission to invest in love even though there is a new after the Tmall supermarket, but relying on the advantage of taking delivery of the business, the U.S. group on the online supermarket this market has been trying to dig deep. The online supermarket military has always been a hotly contested spot, it means to bring growth GMV, users of high viscosity and high frequency of consumption dividend flow. The United States mission is to look after the community O2O love fresh bee. Public data shows, love fresh bee was founded in 2014, is the first to enter the field of O2O community electricity supplier, to solve the O2O community last mile distribution problems through cooperation with traditional convenience stores, provide 30-60 minutes of door-to-door service for users. Love fresh bee platform involving the product category including fresh, drinks, lo, characteristics of life necessities, the cumulative users reached 10 million. We hope that through this cooperation to improve the supply chain’s gross margin and logistics efficiency." Zhang Ying in an interview with the China business news reporter revealed that the love is located in the convenience of fresh bee convenience store, can be said to be dressed in the cloak of the traditional retail business. Therefore, love fresh bee you need to align the traditional retail distribution integration in the community and business community convenience store, trying to control the cost. It is worth noting that the cooperation between the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the group has been started early this year. In March this year, the United States to participate in the United States to participate in the honey bee fresh takeaway platform. Internet analyst Tang Xin in an "Chinese business newspaper" interview with reporters, the U.S. mission to comment, obtain business community resources through the love of fresh bee, can make the U.S. Group reviews the distribution capabilities of more diversified, from the original ordering and distribution to expand the community distribution department. Love fresh bee hold thigh or difficult in July this year, love the fresh bee had suffered layoffs crisis, the investment of public comment on the love of fresh bee is a major strategic adjustment. Zhang Ying believes that the standard of Internet companies crazy expansion of the road has been in trial and error love bees love fresh, fresh bee will be deep in the traditional retail industry. The industry believes that the lack of fresh bee love flow, the business model is relatively weak, it is difficult to continue to rely on their own business, Beauty Group reviews investment will not only give love fresh bee bring important financial support, more important is to bring the operation system of traffic rich and mature. But after the United States Mission comments injection, love fresh bee is likely not to operate independently.相关的主题文章: