The United States refused to sell weapons to Philippines: Philippine President can be changed to Russia according to "buy" Singapore United Morning Post November 2nd news, the United States announced the termination of the sale of firearms to the police in Philippines, Philippines’s president Duthel Te, this is called "don’t mind", can be changed to buy from Russia or other countries. According to the Central News Agency reported in November 2nd, November 1st is Philippines’s day of the dead, Duthel Te night in Davao City to parents grave to the local reporters, Philippines does not have to buy weapons from the United states. He said, "remember the Russian ambassador? Come and find us, we have everything you need." The United States Senate sources told the media in October 31st, Democratic member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Ben Cardin) in a kart Philippine domestic human rights concerns as the reason, against the United States providing weapons to the Philippines, the State Department has to terminate the sale to Philippines police 26000 assault rifles plan. Some observers believe that the United States has begun to take revenge or sanctions on Philippines, as Duthel Te’s reaction, the future may be gradually increased. Philippines police chief De La Rosa (Ronald dela Rosa) was disappointed with the US decision, saying it will affect the Philippines national police fire, but he also said that the Philippines police will begin to look for other sellers. After Duthel Te took office, launched a national anti drug operations in the country, often by western countries on the question of its human rights violations; in foreign relations, Duthel Te claimed that not only will terminate around for the Philippine US joint military exercises, also repeatedly publicly blamed American and American president Obama, to Philippines before the pro american attitude. Duthel Te made a visit to China from October 18th to 21, during which he met with several senior Chinese leaders. The government of Philippines and the Chinese government signed a series of cooperation treaties, and issued a joint statement. Duthel Te also began to contact with Russia, he attended the Asian summit in Laos in September, with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev on a one to one dialogue. Russian ambassador to the Philippines Cova Jef (Igor Khovaev) in late October in an interview with the Philippine media, said: write a list to see what we need to be able to sit down with the government of Philippines." (surging News)相关的主题文章: