The Volkswagen Phaeton brother Hui ang will be listed in October the day before, we learned from the official, SAIC Volkswagen New large car Hui ang will be officially listed in October of this year. The new car has been unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show (micro-blog) on the eve of the night, the power will be equipped with 3.0T or 2.0T engine, provide a precursor or a four-wheel drive option. New car is expected in the future price of about 370 thousand yuan. Volkswagen Hui ang aspect 1 will be listed in October (see picture, Phaeton, inquiry) brother 2 and Audi A6L platform with cheaper price 3.2.0T 3.0T 4WD pick as the first mass in Hui ang large car sharing MLB vertical modular platform with the Audi A6, the new long width height is 50711930 1445mm 3014mm, wheelbase, compared to Audi A6L becomes longer and wider is lower, is also popular in China domestic first large-scale car products. Configuration, night vision systems and display technology, such as head up on new cars are equipped with. In addition, including the rear seat of the electric adjustment, can be achieved independent of the heating ventilation, in addition to multi-level massage seat, aviation head pillow, four doors and LED electric suction door lights and so on can be found in the public. Test drive a new generation of the Volkswagen Hui ang power, SAIC Volkswagen Volkswagen Group will adopt a variety of Hui ang 3.0T engine, which V6 engine maximum power 300Ps, peak torque of 440Nm, the standard all wheel drive system; the third generation 2.0T EA888 engine maximum power 220Ps, and the layout of the precursor. At the same time, the high allocation of vehicles will be equipped with air suspension, provides five driving modes selection. Edit comment: Hui ang will Volkswagen product line goes up to a certain extent, can be regarded as Phaeton alternative models can fill the Phaeton after discontinuation of a gap in the market, if the price is in 370 thousand yuan of above, the main competitor to Audi A6L, BMW 5 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Li Benz E level long version of the entry-level version of the domestic luxury car.相关的主题文章: