The war "asked" chivalrous warriors rushed to the game — original title: Western war "asked" chivalrous warriors rushed to "ask" the new service "field force" fiery opening, unprecedented popular popularity. The new content of heavy launch, Zhongzhou blood cultivation Road, open a new chapter of Western journey. Summer series of welfare activities carried out, generous welfare massive distribution. The Silk Road in the western regions do not miss the story time, welfare.   repair Western treasure exclusive props to send non-stop summer special events, Western treasure repair, big run huge rewards. 07 on the day of the event, more than 40 months, more than 08 players can go to the activities of the embassy to receive repair treasure task, after receiving the task will get a random task props, the completion of the game submitted to the task of props on the. Each time after the completion of the game players will get star rating, the ranks of the stars in the ranks of the higher the score the more lucrative rewards. Game player every day up to complete 10 missions, can get rich experience, Daoxing, contribution and props! Easy to get good manners, why don’t you come? The demon treasure Western escort ho ceremony at the recent days Yong City demons rampant, western war will occur. During the 07 month 28 days to 08 months 31 days, with 40 of the game player can be single or team to challenge the demons or evil princes, to kill a certain number of demons will summon the demon princes, the demon slayer, hold western goods, to defend the stability of Zhongzhou. Per person per day can get 20 times the number of awards, rich material experience, Daoxing, martial arts, contribution value, pet props reward massive run! Western Zhongzhou chivalrous warrior will beacon again rushed to Zhongzhou, guard duty! Biaohang Western fight blood reward upgrade "asked" the wonderful summer Carnival Festival, not intermittent! The full 40 level game player can team up to the office to receive escort days Yong City supplies task, Western businessmen and rushed to the city at the western regions. Transit will have to overcome the robbers robbers robbed dart, get rich items, items will be transported to the designated location after more generous reward payment. Dart for the western regions, in blood, you come to collect the wonderful benefits!   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: