Turkey many incidents of terrorist attack event   China citizens should be cautious to the recent – International – people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in February 20, according to China consular services network news, February 17th, Turkey, the capital city of Ankara attacked military personnel of car bomb attacks, resulting in a large number of casualties. Recently, there have been many terrorist attacks on the soil, reminding Chinese citizens to go to Turkey cautiously recently. The Consular Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Turkey remind Chinese citizens to pay close attention to the development of the local situation, and to be cautious about going to earth in the near future, reminding the citizens and institutions in China to continue to be highly vigilant, to strengthen security preparedness and emergency preparedness, and to avoid crowded places. In case of emergency, please call the police in time and contact with the Chinese Embassy and consulate. Turkey: emergency call alarm call 155 emergency call, 112 Embassy in Turkey. Tel: +90-5388215530 Consulate General in Istanbul. Tel: +90-5313389459 Consulate General in Izmir. Tel: +90-5358802656 foreign ministry consular protection and services global emergency call center Tel: +86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991  土耳其发生多起恐袭事件 中国公民近期应谨慎前往–国际–人民网 人民网北京2月20日电 据中国领事服务网消息,2月17日,土耳其首都安卡拉市发生袭击军方人员的汽车炸弹袭击事件,造成大量人员伤亡。近期,土已发生多起恐怖袭击事件,特提醒中国公民近期谨慎前往土耳其。 外交部领事司和中国驻土耳其使馆提醒中国公民密切关注当地局势发展,近期谨慎赴土,提醒在土中国公民和机构继续保持高度警惕,加强安全防范和应急准备,避免前往人群密集场所。如遇紧急状况,请及时报警并与中国驻土使领馆联系。 土耳其紧急求助电话:报警电话155、急救电话112 驻土耳其使馆领保电话:+90-5388215530 驻伊斯坦布尔总领馆领保电话:+90-5313389459 驻伊兹密尔总领馆领保电话:+90-5358802656 外交部全球领事保护与服务应急呼叫中心电话:+86-10-12308或+86-10-59913991 相关的主题文章: