The five high-end machine even apple designers admire some of the price is also cheaper for consumers now – the Sohu of science and technology, the hardware configuration is no longer in the minds of people first, compared to already excess hardware, now it seems that people pay more attention to design, especially for those international big brand mobile phone is even more so. As has been the benchmark for the mobile phone industry, apple iPhone series of products all these years is bursting with popularity, is also the domestic mobile phone learning standard, however, from the beginning of iPhone 6, this trend is becoming more and more seems not how. Now iPhone 7 is also playing a bright color, black is very beautiful, but also easy to paint, so the choice of several high-end machine might be better. Samsung S732GB version is priced at HK $5198 (about $4360) in Hongkong. However, the price is now 3500 yuan. Various upgrades show the highest level of Samsung’s 2016 annual flagship. Among them, S7 as the flagship of the 2016 small screen models, so that the global Samsung fans boiling. HUAWEI P9 and German camera brand Leica reached a depth of cooperation, configuration Leica dual camera, redefining the phone photography. P9 lock high-end small screen flagship mobile phone, the 5.2 inch 2.5D glass screen, have a better grip and experience. HUAWEI P9 is absolutely HUAWEI flagship masterpiece, and Leica cooperation is a win-win. OPPO R9s panel is bigger and more rounded, looks comfortable in the visual. Rear camera is also quite powerful, OPPO & SONY jointly launched the strongest IMX398 sensor, focus faster, to avoid the problem of mobile phone camera blur. OPPO R9s also reshaped the antenna design, bringing a new "micro slot antenna". Just released the strongest self timer phone OPPO R9s, although only a small change in appearance, but there are great differences inside. Glory 8 uses the double 2.5D glass design, 5.2 inch 1080p screen, equipped with 950 kylin eight core processor, this machine is the first "finishing" the glory of the product box design of double 2.5D glass sandblasting + light fog metal, make the whole appearance to look more fashionable, wins in the yen value and has its own characteristics camera features. Millet MIX is the use of all ceramics (including the back, the frame) fuselage design, all black body full texture. Around the full screen millet to do the improvement is absolutely not small, followed by the overall layout also appears a lot of new features, said black technology is not too much. To pull up the level of industrial design, the screen with rounded, abaxially and epoch-making frame are ceramics, also can reflect the sincerity. (commissioning editor: Dong Jingsheng)相关的主题文章: